The Delivery  

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The Delivery

She had just left the office late, again. Her business was taking up so much of her time but she knew that this was the price of success. When she started the company, everyone had told her that her social life would be dead. Never had she known this to be true until this last week. Several large contracts had came through and being a small company, it was her responsibility to make sure everything was in place for the newly acquired business.
She arrived home and kicked her shoes off just inside the door. Walking to the kitchen, she only stopped long enough to pour a glass of red wine. The refrigerator was a barren waste land. "Damn, I should have stopped at the grocery store on the way home." Too late now, she was NOT going to go anywhere tonight. She pondered her or chinese. She laughed to herself, well, red wine really doesn't go well with chinese food so pizza it is!

Picking up the phone she walked to the refrigerator to get the number of the local pizza shop and pour another glass of wine. Funny how a good wine can go down so easily. She dialed the number and placed her order. The young man on the phone told her that it would be within 30-45 minutes.

She was too tired to go upstairs and change at the moment. She untucked her blouse and removed her bra, throwing it in the laundry room next to the kitchen. Plopping down on the couch, she turned the TV on. She flipped the channels until settling on an old movie. "Whoops, out of wine again", she said to herself. She stood up and retrieved the bottle, setting it on the coffee table. The wine was starting to take effect. The weight of the busy day started slipping away as the warmth of the wine invaded her body.

She stretched out on the couch. It was a little chilly in the house and this was quite noticeable by looking down her clothed body. Her nipples were erect and stretching at the silk blouse she still wore. She stroked the outline through the blouse. She propped on leg up and her skirt rose to reveal the top of her thigh highs. She started giggling "maybe I should unlock the door and when the pizza guy gets here just tell him to come in". She spread her legs and giggled some more. Wonder what the delivery guy would think of this? She stretched her body, and looked down, her nipples were so hard. Her hand found them again. How long had it been since she had made love with another person? It had to be at least a month. She just hadn't had time.
She shook her head. "I can't believe I'm even thinking this way." Yet part of her was intrigued. Another glass of wine was started.

Her entire body felt like it was crackling with electricity. She slid her hand down to her mound. Lightly rubbing it. She could smell her musky scent. Pushing her panties to the side, she slid her finger between the lips of her labia, her hard button meeting her finger. Slowly rubbing it, her other hand reached inside her blouse to massage her breast. She lightly pinched her nipple, her other hand steadily stroking her clit.

She glanced at the clock, "well, they said 30-45 minutes. It’s only been 10 minutes, that should give me a little time before they get here."
She raised one leg up to rest on the back of the couch. Her hand never stopping its stroking. She felt the instinctive movement of her hips against her probing fingers. Her nipples were sensitive with the ache of needing release. Pinching them and massaging them, she started to concentrate on her other hand. She slowly slid a finger deep inside herself. Deep as she could go, it wasn't enough, she wanted more. Pulling her fingers up to her mouth, she sucked on the one had invaded her pussy, then she started sucking on the others. She imagined a hard cock in her mouth. Lapping at her fingers and moaning, her scent filling her nostrils.

Suddenly the door bell rang. "Oh, God! What a time for them to be early!"
She stood up and walked shakily to the door, straightening her clothes along the way.
She looked out the peep hole and gasped. The most beautiful young man stood patiently outside her door.

She fumbled with the lock and opened the door. "Come in, I just need to get my purse."
She walked back to the kitchen to retrieve her purse and then walked back into the living room.
"I'm sorry I caused you to have to be out so late" she said to him.
"Oh, that’s ok. This is my last delivery so I'm headed home."

Now typically, she had always been reserved but her exhaustion & the wine had loosened her up a bit. She looked at the young man and asked how much. "Its $15.00" he responded.

"What about your tip?", she asked, "how much are you worth?"

He blushed. She couldn't believe she was flirting so blatantly with this boy. And he was just a boy. He must have been in his late teens.

"Do you go to high school here?" she asked?

"No, ma'am, I graduated last year"

Her inebriated mind shot straight to the gutter, hmmm, so he's legal.

"I guess you wouldn't want to keep a lonely gal company while she eats, huh?"

"Well, I really should be getting home, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to stay for a little bit."

She smiled and walked to the kitchen again, yelling back "what would you like to drink?"

When he responded from directly behind her, she jumped. He had followed her. For the briefest of moments she was scared but that quickly passed as she saw the look in his eyes. She could only imagine that the same look was reflected in her own eyes.

"What do you have?" he asked.

She peered into the wasteland that she called a refrigerator. There were three Lynchburg Lemonades, a bottle of white wine and some Gatorade. She opened the door wider and let him look for himself. "Help yourself", she chuckled.
He grabbed a Lynchburg Lemonade. She took out a couple of plates and some napkins and walked back to the living room.

"Dig in" she said as she opened the pizza box, placing one piece on her plate.

Suddenly, she wasn't very hungry, for food. All she could think about was the young man that had just sat down next to her on the couch. She watched him out of the corner of her eyes. He was nervous. His hand shook as he twisted the top off of his drink. She sat back and openly watched him. The back of his neck started to redden. He glanced at her and said "what?".

She smiled, loving the fact that she was totally in control of the situation. Suddenly, he began choking. It seems he had gulped his drink and it had gone down the wrong way. She patted him on the back as the convulsive coughs shook his body. "Raise your arms up" she instructed. She grasped both of his wrists and raised them high. The were face to face, his face red from choking. Her hands loosened on his wrists and slide down his arms, down the sides of his waist and settled just above his belt line. His hand lowered and came to rest on her shoulders.

"You okay now?" she asked.


"Good" she replied, "very good."

His eyes followed the lines of her face, neck, torso and she allowed him to look. She felt her body start to respond.

"So, do you have a girlfriend?"

"No, I don't", he replied. As he looked at her she could see the pupils of his eyes start to dilate.

"How can that be? A good looking guy like you? I'm sure the girls are chasing you all the time."

He blushed again and said "There's a couple but they still act like little girls. I don't like all that giggling and shit."

"Oh? And what do you like?" She asked. "Do you like a woman (stressing the word woman) to touch you like this?" She lightly stroked his strong jawline, running her finger along his lower lip. This was the same finger that had been reaching deep inside her pussy only a little while ago.
She leaned into him and touched his lower lip with her tongue, pressing it inside his mouth. He opened his mouth and allowed her to proceed. Something told her that his experience level was pretty low. This knowledge turned her on all the more.

She took his face into both of her hands, the kiss deepening. Her tongue darted in and out of his mouth. He followed her and matched her stroke for stroke. She leaned back, reaching her arms above her head. He hesitated for the briefest of moments and then his hands were on her waist. She remained still, allowing him to explore her body. He was tentative in his exploration at first. His hands moved up from her waist to just under her arms. Her breasts, heavy with desire, were only inches away from his hands. He still paused as if waiting for permission. She looked at him and told him "its okay". His hands cupped the sides of her breasts and pushed them together. The silk of her blouse stretched with the skin beneath it. She reached down and began to unbutton her blouse. He stopped her. She raised her hands back above her head. He began at the bottom button, spread the silk as he progressed. She closed her eyes, allowing the sensation of touch to engulf her senses. She felt the cool air touch her skin and felt his hands graze the tips of her hardened nipples. She shifted with anticipation. His hand splayed across her torso, moving slowly. She glanced at him through hooded eyes. She watched his body and saw that his jeans looked very uncomfortable. He leaned down and tasted her nipple. He sucked it inside his mouth. She moaned. The sound of her moan seemed to break through any inhibitions he may have had. He began to nurse like a child that hasn't fed in days. She grasped his head and pulled him closer. She ground his face into her swollen breasts. She reached over to his drink on the coffee table and dribbled some of the liquid onto her breasts...he lapped at it. She pushed him back to dribble more onto her tummy. It welled in her naval. She then released him to drink again. His face was flushed. She wasn't sure if it was from desire or the fact that his jeans were now stretched to capacity. She pushed him to lay on his back. He seemed unsure as to what was expected of him. "Just lay back and enjoy" she whispered.
His t-shirt slid up and off of him in moments. He obviously worked out. His body was well muscled.

She leaned in to kiss just under his left ear. Her tongue followed the tendon, then to the spot just under his chin. She tasted the faint residue of aftershave and sweat. The taste drove her wild. His nipples were erect and she took that as invitation to suck and nibble at them. Her hand ran down his body to massage just inside his thigh. She loved the friction of the denim between his body and her hand. He moaned as she cupped his swollen package. Her tongue drawing circles lower and lower on his body. He tried to raise up and my hand pushed him back down. "No, baby, let momma lead the way."

He fell back to the sofa with a moan.

She focused once more on the young man at her mercy. She slid a finger inside his waistband. He squirmed. "Ah, you like that, do you? I bet these jeans would be much more comfortable on the floor."

She felt like a queen and he was her toy for the evening. She took another sip of wine and stood up. His eyes widened and she knew he thought she was going to send him home but she was just getting started. She reached down and removed his shoes and then came back up to work on his zipper. She eased the zipper down and instantly the bulge in his briefs swelled with the newly found freedom. She slid her hand inside to cup his balls. She massaged them, teasing him with a promise of what was to come. She leaned down to inhale his scent, blowing on his brief-clad bulge. He shifted as if to close the gap between her lips and his shaft. She eased his jeans off and threw them onto the floor. Now all that separated her mouth from his cock was a thin piece of cotton. She laid her lips against the cotton, nipping at him. "More?" she asked. One look at his face answered her. Pupils dilated, face flushed and a thin line of sweat beading his upper lip told her that to stop now would be inhumane.

She came back up to kiss him. She sucked his tongue into her mouth, kissing him roughly. His hands reached for her but she shook her head and said "all in good time, baby".

She kissed her way back down his body and pushed the cotton down so that his ball sack was just above the waistband of his briefs. The shaft of his cock was hard and the large vein that runs along the back of his cock was engorged.

She started at the base of his cock, kiss and sucking the vein. Her tongue ran along the hardened tip of his cock. He fidgeted, his hips thrusting ever so slightly. Then she took him in her mouth. Moaning as she did so he could feel the vibrations of her vocal cords against his cock. Up and down she took him. His cock hitting the back of her throat, nearly gagging her. She allowed her teeth to rasp against the side of his cock and he whimpered. She wrapped her right thumb and middle finger around the base of his cock and she road his shaft with her mouth. She felt him tense and begin to quiver. Torn between the wanting to taste his cum in her mouth and wanting to take him inside her wet, hot pussy. She shifted so that his thighs were on either side of her head. She buried her face in his balls. Licking them, sucking them. She saw a pearl of pre-cum on the tip of his cock. With the tip of her finger she brought it back to her mouth and tasted him. The taste drove her mad. Reaching under him, the finger that had just been in her mouth found another spot to play. His ass tensed up as she first touched him. She softly rimmed him and he began to relax. Pressing against his ass as she took his cock in her mouth, she began to pump him. She would press her finger against his tight ass when she went down on his cock. She kept the tempo consistent. She wanted to make this last. She had the idea that he had never been with a woman like this and she wanted to make sure he never forgot it.

She felt his body go rigid. He was close. She kept up the same movement. Steady, consistent. The room smelled of sex. Her own wet pussy had drenched the crotch of her lace panties. He began to cum. It was like sitting on a erupting volcano. His body was spasming as he released load after load into her mouth. She swallowed and went back for more. Milking his cock of every last drop of his nectar. He flinched as she began to lick his spent cock. She couldn't get enough of the taste of him. She wanted more . . .

Finally, she eased back with a look of triumph on her face.

He sat up. He was light-headed from the intense pleasure that he had just experienced. He reached for her. They kissed. He could taste his cum on her lips.

"What about you?" he asked.

She looked at him and said "I guess I'll just have to order another pizza.”

"Honey, it’s late. Your parents will probably wonder where you are. Why don't we do this again and you can be the giver next time?"

"Are you serious? You'd let me come over again?"

"Baby. I’m sure we could arrange it. You tell me what nights you work and next time I order a pizza you can come show me what a young man likes to do."

"So about that tip of yours, you never said how much you were worth?"

He smiled shyly and said "it’s on the house."

She helped him gather his clothes and walked him to the door. She kissed him and sent him on his way. She sat back down on the sofa, nursing her wine, and starting fantasizing about her next pizza delivery.

She stood up and went upstairs to the shower. Standing under the hot water she touched herself and relived the moments just before. Before she knew it, her body shuddered and she leaned against the shower wall as her release came.

She rinsed herself off and walked to the bed. Climbing between the cool sheets, she smiled to herself. If just reliving the experience can get me off just think what will happen next time.
Oh, the anticipation . . .

love2laugh1967 51F

12/2/2006 5:27 am

You certainly have a way with words. It was very enjoyable. Your writing would keep me cuming back for more..

Studmuffin30189 56M

12/4/2006 2:57 pm

Mmmmm this was a great story. I wonder if the pizza delivery girl would respond the same way? Guess I'll call Domino's and find out!

rm_peacheeboy 73M
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11/15/2008 1:47 pm

if you need more call me i will order a pizza an deliver more than pizza want to see.

urnewfriend469 57M  
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5/3/2009 3:46 pm

Love the way you write. This story brought back fond memories of my experiences as a pizza delivery boy, especially on those hot summer nights. Thank you.

rm_mrckjohns 57M

5/27/2009 8:39 am

Hey Sweet Woman Im moving to Heaven and getting a Job as a Pizza delivery Man ! And i'll show You what a Real Delivery Man can Do ! LOL. Kiss's and Big Hugs Miss D. P.S. And the Pizza will be on the House,in the carpet, on the couch, on the floor,in your hair,XXO

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