Women at Play and Swinging Hard  

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7/16/2006 7:38 pm

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Women at Play and Swinging Hard

Yes I’m a full grown woman, all the way out here into this swinging life, enjoying world class Olympic sex, without judgment, hassle, waste or strife. The straight ones judge me, what a pity that they never learned how to use their “clitty”. Men posting up on me with some serious ass game, they were so fucking fine that put Denzel to shame. I’ve been flown to sex parties and orgies in Vegas, Hedo, Brazil, New York, Cali and even Spain. I’ve seen dicks doing push ups there so well trained. Yes, the heat rises at the parties I attend, very selective and only the bold, beautiful, sexy, young and well endowed get in. I fucked someone in Chicago once till he fainted with exhaustion, woke him up and he asked, “Where am I in Boston”.

World class gymnastic sex, exquisite cunnilingus, Kuma Sutra, Tantra man do I get wet. Taking cocks in places and positions I never knew existed. Playing naked twista, with a variety of nationalities; whites, Cubans, Africans, Italians, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Irish and of course the brothas and the sistahs. Into this sex game with a mad sexual flow, so many offers which way should I go?. Yes we sexually rock.

I feel like a part of the Roman sexual elite. They must have felt this way at the top of their sexual game. Scheming, pleasing, fucking, good hard and long without hypocrisy, pity or shame. I’ve been with two, three, four and in groups. Hell I’ve even done it upside down with a hula hoop!!!

I’ve fucked every where and way possible, on the bed, in the washroom, over and in the sink, counters, restaurants, against walls, floors, vans, parks, elevators, park benches, golf courses, football fields, locker rooms, airplanes, trains, classrooms, dentist office, doctors office, grocery stores, department stores and much more, hell I damn near did it in the middle of a dance floor. Driving down lakeshore drive with an AdultFriendFinder hookup, giving him a blowjob telling him to not look down and keeping him up.

Hell yes I’m into this scene and by the time I reach forty, bordello madams will call me the “ultimate sex authority”. Don’t’ hate, envious of me are you not? I have the ability to do things with your wife and mesmerize your husband’s cock. Afraid of me are you as I’m in my sexual prime, I get fucked so often and so well I’m never moody or crying. I’m always the queen of the parade. Walking down the street, sizing people up, looking at women and immediately figuring out the size of their bra cup. Men look at me with knowing glances, checking out my profile hoping for lucky chances.

I am heavily into this swinging life you see, hell I’ll still be stroking it good, stroking it long, giving blow jobs and leading sex lessons at the nursing home at the tender age of 83.

Questions or comments: Does swinging constitute the ultimate in sexual maturity?

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