Who is online now?  

rm_dimanche1 54M
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7/16/2006 6:19 am

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7/31/2006 2:43 pm

Who is online now?

Are you on line again? Is it the same old crowd sending out invitations to chat rooms, filled with raunchy and sexually legitimate language? Saying nothing and talking sexually loud. Weren’t you here yesterday, the day before that and then again. Didn’t I see your picture in upstate New York, Florida and in Illinois? Are you a sex cyber-troll looking for delicious morsels of sin? Where is your John Wayne? Where have all the cowboys gone? Where is your Sharon Stone? Where is my Halle and Denzel? Where are all the women? Are there any real men out there? Why are you so mean?What is your sexual temperature now? Is it on frustration and deprivation for not hooking up or meeting Mr. or Ms. Right? What -- can't get laid again tonight? No wonder you're a voyeur full of anger and spite.

Profiles full of sexual pictures saying nothing talking loud. Profiles full of tantalizingly vague descriptions of sexual capabilities. Do you really think that’s going to happen through an email!! Filling your morning, noon and night with voyeuristic stares, phony emails, slinging arrows of false sexual bravado and weak ass invites. Hey you there, hoping that your emails will be answered by that hottie. Hell, she’s doing the laundry and picking up the kids from school, planning parties and playing by the rules. He’s working on a contract, doing deals and wondering about career moves. This is just a diversion until their ship comes in. Those at the top of the sexual food chain are locked in; their sexual wealth is three generations deep. They don’t need this game of email meat.

Invite me to your network and I’ll do the same, pictures galore of my friends and never meeting anyone of them, what a fucking shame. Yes here I am on line again, hoping for sexual lightning to walk right through the screen and touch me.

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