Interviews with a Sex Goddess  

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Interviews with a Sex Goddess

He: I’m new here but I have experience in matters sexual and romantic, they say that you are the real deal, what can you do for me that other women can’t?

Goddess: My dear child, pardon me I had to laugh at that, you need to reverse your question. “What can you do for me?” What do you think I am? A mere sexual mortal who can be turned on by a cock shot, an email address, and a phone number as a prelude to a tryst? Yes this is a sex site for adults not children but just like a man; you show up, say a few words, smile, whisper some garbled form of erotica, stare at me, throw a few kisses and expect to visit my cockpit?.

He: What makes you so different from all the others? Your vaginal passage requires the correct boat to make it float does it not? All you women are the same you say you want intimacy and sex but you just play anonymous sexual musical chairs. Once a man gets close you change the tune and move to another meat seat.

Goddess: Is that what you really think, that we are impressed by symmetrical male facial features, like fake ass harlequin romance passages, with a muscular chest and Fabio? You think you can define the terms of women’s individual and unique sexuality and life experiences, physiology, psychology, and emotional experiences via a few emails? Do you think Playboy, Penthouse, Maxim and those magazines are representative of the entire female population’s sexuality?

He: What else would sexuality be about, other than some physical chemistry, the exchange of a few niceties, hang around long enough to get to know you and thereafter intense coupling? Sex is as old as the hills and emotions tend to screw it up for most of you women. What is it about you women and sex are you so truly so afraid of your own sexuality that once it’s unleashed you can’t contain or, channel or explain it?

Goddess: You have a lot to learn where sexuality is concerned. I require a mental and emotional stimulation before any hint of ejaculation. Making you cum would take me once second and with a blowjob maybe three, hell I do men in my sleep, I sell and supply kilos of sexual energy like a sex drug warlord, my supply of it is virtually unlimited. What could you possibly do for me? What about afterwards and beyond? What no clever come back?

He had to give her respect. Her game caused him to pause, think it over, these questions of sexual identity, sexual individuality monogamy and intimacy. On an adult swinger’s site no less. Who did she think she was talking to him, a grown man like that! Was he thinking too much? Was he not definitive or decisive enough? She had totally taken him out of his game within five minutes. He folded quicker than a wet noodle in a rain storm. Men are supposed to take charge aren’t they? Women say they like decisiveness and strength but under what conditions he pondered………

Next episode: “How to flip the fucking script”.

Questions or comments: Which sex has more sexual intituiton or sexual radar, that is the ability to create, pickup and read sexual gestures? Is it situational or universal? What is your favorite sexual gesture, a look, a physical movement, gestures with the eyes, voice?

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