What is wrong with people?  

rm_digi_techin 43M
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12/7/2005 9:51 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What is wrong with people?

I have been online on AdultFriendFinder for some time now but all the girls are ignoring me.

First I thought it was because I did not have a photo, so I uploaded some... No nudes... Just normal pictures of me and me alone... but still nothing.

All the girls here in Turkey think this is a site for what? Finding boyfriends? Finding the love of their lives? Finding brad pitt alike men???

We are here to shag and shag for fun. I am not supposed to spend days and days just to get in touch with a girl for just online chatting, then another decade for just convincing the ladies that we could shag...

You Turkish girls, if you are here, you should be more relaxed. Either fuck or get the fuck out...

Sorry for my french. This has bothered me huge...


SexyRycheBabe 46F
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12/7/2005 10:27 am

Feelin' a little frustrated, are we?! LOL

rm_Want2jerk4u 60M

12/7/2005 10:35 am

Same situation here in New York. I can't tell you how many women I have emailed, a lot of them local, but only a few have even bothered to reply. Of the ones that have replied, they do not seem to be interested in just meeting and having sexual fun. I can't figure out why they're on AdultFriendFinder. Just like you, I think they really are trying to find boyfriends. Anyway, good luck to you there in Turkey. Just be prepared to write a lot of letters!

rm_wellshouldi 54M

12/7/2005 11:35 am

Its the same world over.Men and women who come on to this site and others like it are looking for something,some for just sex,some for the chase and some for many other things.Just keep trying and be polite,"the hi do you fancy a shag" email will get very few if any answers.Its about finding the right balance......

Good luck and keep it up.

rm_digi_techin 43M
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12/7/2005 12:01 pm

Thanks for the comment. Good luck to you too...

papyrina 52F
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12/7/2005 12:18 pm

we're all here for a reson but most women do prefer at least to get to know some one first,there are not many who want just a fuch as you put it.

try chatting a little and get to know them.

I'm a

i'm here to stay

luv2plamd 52F

12/7/2005 1:02 pm

Pay special attention to wellshouldi's comment about "the hi do you fancy a shag" email will get very few if any answers....I have been on here for just over 24 hours total...and have been bombarded by emails...trying to answer them all, but the ones that just say "let's hook up" or "let me play" or some other nonsense along those lines and also don't have much of interest in their profiles are not only the last to be answered, but are getting the "sorry I don't think we are compatible" message...

I'm here for sexual variety...straight up...I don't need a life story, or to know anyone's inner soul, but I am also NOT going fuck someone that I can't have a conversation with. There still has to be some attraction, some connection...and that my friend starts with communication of some sort.

silkysmoothlegs3 106F

12/7/2005 3:35 pm

aw babes dont feel frustrated
Im sure no one is ignoring you

The comment about the Turkish girls is really unforgivable
I think a retraction is in order

rm_digi_techin 43M
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12/8/2005 10:30 am

Ok everyone, I admit I sound very inconsiderate, but regarding my introduction messages, I have been nice. I did not shove my nude pictures in their face and said lets do it...

The way I express my frustration does not mean I do not act the same.
There is one fact that you oversee, I live in the same culture as the forementioned ladies. The thoughts I have expressed in the first post were not subjective.

So that there is no misundertanding...


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