Smoking is bad for your sex diet...  

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2/3/2006 1:27 pm

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Smoking is bad for your sex diet...

Ok here is the first hand experience and deal.

I have quit smoking about 40 days ago. I was smoking about a pack of Marlboro Lights in a day.

The reason I have quit is because after a special night of a threesome with two fairly young ladies, I crashed on the bed during my second attempted turn. Granted I came about 30 minutes before the second attempt but I had experience for more than 3 servings in a single night so I was sure I could handle the second one.

My lungs just could not bare the stress and I had to relax for about 15 minutes just laying down on the bed. I was hyperventilating during the whole time.

The next morning I quit smoking.
Last night I had another attempt for a multiple servings with the same team and I was just fine. Besides the multiple servings, you have better and long erections.

For your information: Quit smoking, its bad for your sex diet.

Love you all...

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