My Fantacy  

rm_digi3563457 40M
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3/7/2007 8:36 pm
My Fantacy

being togethere with a sexy girl..stranger.. lovely legs with heels.. we meet up, she was so cool, so cocky..I try all my best but she just so silent..

however, she is teasing me with all the sexy angle..and words.. then she lead me to the room.. and fuck me. ya, sexy girl fucking me!

2. watching a couple making love while i can touch them.. later, have sustaining moment with my sexy girl..started slowly slowly.. gently. and making her close her eyes so close so close on her eye and enjoy her body and hard move i gave her.

3. talking, laughing..teasing..for long time, having dinner, drinks....then driving to the beach, touching, licking, sucking, laughing on the way to bitchy beach, talking naughtyly, then with lots and lots and caring and touches, make my sexy girl come with both legs hoding high up in the sky on top/roof of the car...

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