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4/1/2006 8:22 am

Sixteen years old, both Bobby and I. I was at home in the mountains but he was staying in a rental cabin and working the summer in the woods for a milling operation. He hadn't seen his girlfriend for several weeks as she had gone to another state for the summer to visit her grandmother. As I worked in the only grocery store in the small town, Bobby was in every evening for a coke, pack of camels or groceries. On nights I was scheduled get off work at 6, Bobby and I and several other guys/gals would fill up the car and go to nearby towns within an hour's drive to the movies. I was one of the few guys who had my own car. One night we decided late to go and didn't have time to round up a carfull so we took off by ourselves. Bobby was really lonely for his gal; it's all he could talk about on the way there. We saw the movie, started home and got a flat tire. While stopped and changing the tire, we found an unopened pint of booze I'd put in the tire well and forgotten about. Bobby started drinking and feeling pretty buzzed by the time we were back on the road and heading home. In those days, guys carried a pack of cigarettes and their lighter in their rolled up tee shirt sleeve. As I was pulling back onto the road, Bobby slid over next to me and asked if he could take one of my smokes since he'd used the last of his pack. He helped himself to my pack and pulled out one for each of us and lit them. He handed me mine and didn't move back near the door. We laughed, teased one another and he kept nursing the pint along as we drove. I took some small hits but not enough to do more than get a slight buzz. When we finished he reached around behind my shoulders and put the pack back in my left sleeve and kept his arm over my shoulders. He got silly, horny, just a little squirrely as he reached down and pinched my tit, pulled me hard against himself and giggled as his eyes lapped at mine and he told me he was pretending I was his girl tonight. We laughed and then his hand was brought back to his lap and he draped it over my upper leg. His hand traveled a little as we talked and laughed. By now the bottle was empty and we'd soon be back to his cabin. Again his arm went around my shoulders and Bobby admitted that when he got to the cabin when it was dark and cold, he was afraid to go in alone. He asked and I agreed that I'd pop in for a few minutes. He had more booze at the cabin and some 7up to use as a mixer, so when we got there, he fixed a stiff one for me and had one for himself. No chairs, just the bed to sit on. We sat, drank, smoked a couple of cigarettes, and I started to excuse myself to leave when Bobby slipped right up beside me, laid his arms on my shoulders and pulled me in a comfortable tight hug and asked me not to leave yet. I stayed. He began to heat up sexually and before I knew it, we were both stripped buck naked on his bed, me on my back, he over my body looking down in my eyes and his whole body draped on top of mine. He kissed my lips, my neck, my shoulders and rubbed his very hard dick on my thigh, abdomen and hard dick. In 5 minutes of this frollicking, we both discharged handsome cum loads that intermixed in a wet, slick sandwich between us. We laughed like hell, cleaned up, decided to agree that it had never happened, that alcohol was the culpert, and, for sure, it never did. But, many times I could see that little devilish flame in Bobby's eyes when we were alone and his smile betrayed our secret. My own eyes, I'm sure, were yearning for more which never came.

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5/23/2006 7:49 pm

Now see, this is hot. I love this story. Its sensual and sexy and I'm honry and in the mood for a good story

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