i had a dream  

rm_dick4u4438 55M
6/21/2005 3:20 am
i had a dream

i had a dream where i saw a woman in bed nude and i got into bed with her under the covers and i started to feel her nice soft nude body from top to bottom and one hand worked it's way up to her breasts rubing them and feeling them and my other hand working down to her pussy and feeling her pussy and rubing it all over.then she moaned and she want me to stick my big hard dick up inside her really hard why she was moaning my name give it to me more, more.then i went around to feel her nice ass and then i worked my way down to her pussy and was eatting her pussy why she was moaning my name saying more, more baby and then she was feeling so good that she wanted more.she was saying don't stop baby i need you.then i started sucking on her breasts and my nice big hard dick was rubing up on her nice pussy and she wanted me to stick my nice big dick up in side her really hard. then we both went to sleep and then i woke up in the middle of the night wanting to fuck her again so i started fucking her again in the middle of the night and then she woke up and started to moan and said more baby more.

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