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rm_dewy24 36M
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3/28/2006 4:57 am
computer related

" sighs "

So as it looks i'm a tatooed, peirced computer geek. Hell of a mental pic lol.
This woman i work with kept coming to me becuase her daughter keeps messing up her computer. I fix it she breaks it.
Well this last time instead of going to me, she goes to a computer shop. A rather expensive one that charges per hour, pluse parts and labor now that all adds up fast. As to for me i build and rebuild computers for fun and have tons of brand new extra parts just laying around.
Anywho, she tells me last night it was her hard drive that was bad, I told her to just bring the tower over to my place this morning after work, we work nights, and i would install a brand new one. Well she told me the shop she took it to scraped the whole damn thing and already started building her a brand new one. Shes looking at about $3000 that she didnt need to spend. I figure about 1500$ for the work they did on the old one and now prolly about 1500$ for the new one if not more.

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