Peice of shit car  

rm_dewy24 36M
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4/29/2006 3:16 am
Peice of shit car

Ok so Pontiacs are really shitty cars. I have a 98 sunfire as i has talked about in my Bad Boys post. Anyways it seems no matter how much you keep up on them.. they just fall apart. This car only has 111,000 miles on it.. and not hard miles either. I know most of your are prolly thinking thats hard to beleave considering my age and how i have the car all " pimped " out with the lights and system. Well sure it may look nice but I know its not a car to race with.
Anyways this morning when i got home from work i went to the bank like normal and pulled out some cash did my bill paying and what not. Well I stopped in to make a carpayment and as i shifted from Park to Drive.. the whole car shifted and cluncked. As i went to pull out of the dealership's parking lot.. i noticed it wasnt handeling like it should. Well yeah .. something broke on the transmission. I had to limp it back home in low 1 at about 5 mph.
Just last month i changed the tranny fulid and filter.. so if thats what your thinking.. thats fine. Befor this my throttle body senser went out... nothing worse than be sitting at a stop light not even touching the gas pedal and the car is reving up to 8000 rpm, damn near redline then when you go to take off.. nothing just sits there an idles. Driving on a highway with cruse set and the whole car jerks cause its not reading the throttle being open. Even though that was a cheap and easy fix.. I have had more problems with this car than any other.
I think i am going back to Nissan.
I had a 91 Nissan Pathfinder with over 250,000 miles on it and she ran like a tank.

At least i can say the dealership is working with me on this, they are paying for the " new " rebuilt tranny to be put in, however they will not give me a loaner saying their company insurance wont allow it. So thats a week or so without a car. Id been really pissed if I had to junk the car , i just put new tires an breaks on it less than 6 months ago.

Its not only the older cars either.. if you do some research there have been reports of hundreds of the 06's having the same throttle body problems as well as tranny probs. All i can say is if you are looking into a pontiac .. think twice. Do research first.

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