Caught, Confession, and True Friends  

rm_devilish444 43M
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3/23/2006 8:58 pm
Caught, Confession, and True Friends

i had a feeling things would get difficult, but not this bad... and it was even just the way everything unfolded, like scorcese couldn't even have directed it better... all the elements were there. the whole family is there to celebrate a birthday (one i was going to be late to in the first place but circumstances 'helped' me out to get me there early), but then when i get there, they all have to leave to watch the littlest play in a baseball practice, leaving just me and her in a quiet house... at this point i'm completely sober, but she has had a few and i'm not even sure that by the time the door had fully closed she was kissing me, begging me to follow her downstairs (and you all know what downstairs is all about)... but what's a guy to do. her: "{insert husband's name here} won't be back for another hour and a half...come with me...i want you so bad... i've missed're so hot... etc." so what's a hot blooded guy who's already incredibly attracted (see previous posts to get my meaning here)to this woman do, especially after saying things like "no, i don't think it's right right now...what if....etc"... (guys, back me up here.... she honestly looks like carmen electra, and has the sweetest personality i've ever known). so i follow, or rather am pulled by the hand... a little of both. needless to say, {insert husband's name here} comes home early.... WAY early.... and is downstairs faster than i could ever run a 40... so here we are... naked, sweaty, aroused, and half under the covers.... CAUGHT~! "i knew it" were his first damning words... what could i say... honestly nothing, and just put my head down. i truly was expecting him to attack me, but i know he knows that i'm trained in a few different fighting styles so i'm so glad it didn't come to that... not that i would have done's partly my fault anyway... i know, some of you are like "partly???!?!" well, yes, partly. it does take two after all, and i just wasn't strong enough for everyone involved... along with lots of selfish gratification motives. (so here's a colorado catch and release program at work)... it sucks that i lost a few in my circle of friends, but i have truly found out who my real friends are... it's amazing really. if i had to make a list of those who i thought were true friends, thick and thin, and those that were on the fence before this happened... i would have done better on my NCAA brackets. absolutely amazing. one friend summed it up pretty well, "Scotty, we ALL screw up...and the older we get, the less judgemental we become, so relax, have a drink with me, and let's look to the good times ahead." Amen.

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