Beautiful Danger at Breck  

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2/2/2006 4:19 pm

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Beautiful Danger at Breck

This time it's not all about the skiing. Last week was probably one of my top 5 weeks of all time...great skiing (Ore Bucket off Peak 7 was primo), great friends, and the most beautiful girl. Off course with all beautiful things, there's always a danger, and her's is that I'm friends with her husband. I've never met her before, and I just couldn't take my gaze away from those sparkling hazel almond-shaped eyes. She held my gaze just the same, along with a sly smirk finally averting her eyes to the side, only to look up at me again and smile. It was a game we played all week, and I wanted more. But there is this small voice saying "Don't do it, don't go there" that I hear between the troughs of crashing waves of "She's beautiful" inside my head. A late condo party that ended somewhere around 3:30am gave us the chance to talk all night, and play a few friendly competitive games of pac-man (those little TV plug-in old-school games are awesome) while we sampled some of the martinis in our shakers. We listened and rated songs on another buddy's I-pod while some of them played Hearts or Spades. Her husband was right there playing cards as we shared the earpieces, getting close enough for me to feel her purposely-in-my-ear heavy breaths...followed by a little ear nibbling...which lead my hand to softly rub her silky pajama bottom covered thigh. It was just was that anticipation factor again, only multiplied by a beautiful day skiing, a relaxing hot-tub (she looked so hot- and since she didn't want to wear her bathing suit from the night before, she just threw on some shorts and a dark T-shirt and hopped in-- it was something so truly cool and real to see a girl like that not care what she's wearing, and only caring to be with me), followed by drinks, games, and conversation with a beautiful girl who wanted me. I didn't want the night to end, and surprisingly, held my wits about me, but I don't think I will be able to resist for too long. A Superbowl party, another ski trip planned, a Valentines dinner at my house with 4 couples (i'm cooking an amazing meal-- 5 courses-- caviar and champagne to start (can't take any credit there), butternut squash soup with spatlese; shrimp cocktail with fume blanc; persimmon, candied almond, and goat cheese salad with beaujolais; salt and herb crusted prime rib and wild mushroom risotto with cabernet; and a butterscotch creme brulee with a chocolate dipped strawberry and a glass of madeira for dessert); another house party once i finish remodeling; on and on... I had lunch with a few friends today and she was there... and I could hardly take my eyes off of her. Found out today that she has her Masters' degree as well. Just another turn-on, but I think it's truly that pink lip(sex)gloss-lol... here comes trouble, and possible new lyrics to a song. Sometimes it feels so good to be smittenly lustful...

1girlrevolution 48F

3/23/2006 10:41 am

That was a great story. I live for passion and it sounds like you had a bit going on here. Sometimes the intensity leading up to the finale is the best!

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