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Another song inspired by waiting up all night under a blanket, playing games, and watching a sunrise, thinking of tearing each other apart while each of our respective partners have already gone to sleep in the house. I haven't figured out all the chord progressions yet, but it has a Norah Jones type feel to the song... kind of smokey. I'm thinking Capo 2 starting on G, going through C and D...refrain is just D-G, finishing on C. The flute is in the key of G, starting (G-A)-G-B-D-B-A-G-G (first two lines of verse) and then breaks up into ad lib.


Come watch the sunrise with me
Come wrap yourself up in me
In your warm blanket on this cold cold night.

Come sip your coffee with me
Come on and lose yourself in me
In this warm café in my ice blue eyes

R: I know I will anxiously wait again
But I don’t know if I will ever sing this
Maybe when we are alone and feeling good
Maybe when the timing isn’t wrong…

Come play in the snow with me
Come sit by the fire with me
In this mountain house on a cold cold day


*instrumental flute bridge*

Come listen to music with me
Come play an old school game with me
In this quiet house in this soft blue chair

Come sit at the table with me
Come rub on my thigh underneath
Wherever we go in this cold cold world

R: …wrong…(fade) You can come into me
Come into me…
Just come into me…

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