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2/6/2006 5:25 pm

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The universe seams to always provide, it just has no sense of timing at all.
other then then present there is no time consideration in the universe.

heres a great example I just met someone that is a very good friend of my best friend I could have met her along time ago but now evan though we get along great and she thinks its ok for someone to be with multiple people, but not if they are legaly married.

which meens despite the fact we'ed probably make a great match she would never want to be with me but shes willing to be with my best friend, the only diffrance is a piece of paper.

Im proud to be legaly married and have a loving wife that is a ccepting and encouraging of my views but it seams as if everyone else hates me for it. Am I such a bad person as to be un able to be loved by anyone else just because of a piece of paper

lifeisablast333 54M

2/6/2006 8:09 pm

hate is such a strong word, and it is hard for this world to deal with people and the multiple sex partners. but you are just getting started. relax, it will happen....the redneck knows for a fact!

rm_delephrion 32M
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2/6/2006 9:50 pm

your right I know, thanks

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