Birthday Roast  

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2/5/2006 5:18 pm

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Birthday Roast

yesterday my best friend, thre a party that was basicly suppose to be like a comedy centrel roast, it was a lot of fun, but I realizd something ery intresting about my self.

You see this girl came that I hadnt ever met before her and most of the night she seamed very intrested in me in a very physicle way, but most of the night I couldnt evan decide if I liked her att all. And there wasnt anything wroung with her either really I just wasnt intrested.

but then ironicly I a diffrent girl that I was told I had said some very rude things about me at a diffrent time, had showed up at the roast evan though I had told people she wasnt welcome at my apartment any more, (which is were the roast was being held at)

and then this is the way the night ended the girl who wanted to sleep with me and I kept avoiding her intentions. suddently said she had to leave and when I asked why she said that she had a curfew and is only 17 years old. so After she left I latter on ended up talking to the other girl that had said some rude things behind my back and basicly was acting very hipocritical. while we talking I find out that she after all hadnt said any of those things which of course confused until we all realize it was just some kind of big misunderstanding.

Next thing I know Im having a great time and not really worring about a thing just hanging out with friends.

So what I realized is that Im a much happier person making making friends that I like then I would have been If I had slept with some girl I barely know and didnt really like.

seriously could that night ended in a better way I dont think it could have. I honestly this girl that I worked everything out with I wouldnt car I never did anything physicle with her because I like how we get along and can get through misunderstandings I just think thats a much better relationship.

it all worked out great, the universe provides.

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