Away from my comfort zone  

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4/2/2006 6:43 pm

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Away from my comfort zone

Ok so here it is or should i say here I am. I am in a country where I don't speak the language and have immersed myself in a culture where there are no others like me. Sure, there are a few caucasians in this area, but none are American and I truly haven't met any I would want to hang out with. Seems the prevalent attitude of the europeans in this part of the world is they are better than the native population and should be served by the locals. That is total Bull!!!! The Filipino people are the friendliest in the world and also some of the most talented. They (in my opinion) have some of the prettiest woman in the world and from past experiences are willing to do anything to please their men. Sex is readily available to anyone for a few dollars if that is the route you want to take, but that isn't really my style. I prefer to meet and greet on my own, and it has always been my choice.

The crux of it all is that I really have no true friends here. Because of the communication gap I don't always feel comfortable in the society here, as I'm not always sure the people I meet and interact with want to associate with me for friendship or have ulterior motives. (That would be the American coming out in me.) I have been here 6 months now and really only talk to the in-laws and employees.

I can truly say there is no one to tell my true desires and secrets too. There are things that I can do at home that I would never think about here. The laws and the constrictions of the government here baffle me sometimes.

I'm sure if I had moved to a community with a broader range of cultures, things would be different, and I still may, but here I still get stared at everywhere I go. I truly can't go anywhere here without everyone knowing about it. It's different back home because you can see a 100 people in an hour and they will be from all walks of life. Black, white, asian, pacific islanders, indian, arabic, and native american. Here there are just them and me.

I am slowly picking up the language despite the people around me. It truly seems sometimes that they don't want me to understand them. If I ask what a word means, it seems the translation is never the same twice. I have bought a few dictionaries and a grammar guide and also some elementary primers and have been trying to teach myself, though I know my pronunciations are horrendous.

That is one of the reasons I came to this site, (along with the most obvious one, lol). I know this isn't the usual blog for this format, but it's mine and I'm standing behind it.

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5/29/2006 7:06 pm

hi....magandang araw sa yo... (GooD day to you). thanks for the beautiful description of my country. you will soon learn the language and the discover the real beauty of our culture. Filipinos are most of the time very hesitant to talk o strangers like you bec of their problem with the fluency in English, but im sure they will love to see you learning and loving thier language and culture...And the women are also beautiful and submissive esp if the price is right. (hahahha...yes thats the sad truth to some women who belongs to the lower level of or soceity, its their greatt desire to survive poverty thats why.) But not all filipinas are like that....there are women here who are highly educated, well mannered, well bred and decent. I am sorry that you have seen only the needy ones, hehehehe...
So i hope you will enjoy your stay here in our country and if in case you came back you enjoy the great mysterious beauty of our land and culture. Hey, I could teach you tagalog if you want...( kidding) God bless you and mabuhay!!!!

Love..Faith ..and Hope..

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