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2/15/2006 4:57 am

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Has anyone ever taken the time to really compare posted photos with written profile content? In most "bait & switch" scams the "seller" leads on with one product at an unbelievable price then eventually switches to the real "available" product at a much different cost. Recently I have noticed, and quite too frequently, a similar trend by many female members. For example: A main photo of a gal with a cock entering each side of her mouth, and one resting on her chin dribbling cum down her neck. The profile title reads, Love to suck cock and swallow jiz. However when one gets into the "fine print" of the written profile the description of what she is "really" interested in goes something like this: I am am not into casual sex, but prefer a relationship with one man at a time! or " I want to be treated like the real lady that I consider myself to be", or " I enjoy giving oral sex but only if it is mutual"

Is this not true bait & switch? I wonder if the attorney generals office of consumer affairs ever pays any attention to this kind of misrepresentation or misleading sales practices?

Another example ( and there are many to be found if one pays attention) is similar to this: Profile Heading: "Intelligent, classy, refined woman looking to explore the wild side" The written text then reveals that she is available for sensuous "full body" massages for generous men who can appreciate what it's worth"!

Lastly one of my favorites. The pic shows a gal with one guy poking her in the rear while another is licking her pussy, and she has yet a third guy's Johnson in her mouth. The heading reads " Sensuous woman looking for men for 1 on 1 sex and discreet relationship!

An interesting "new" profile personal description category should be "I. Q." Wonder what the correlation might be to the profile as a whole?

subrdn8 62F

2/15/2006 12:42 pm

It doesn't matter their IQ, it matters that you're smart enough to notice.

I confess, my profile is inaccurate too. Pic shows auburn hair, I list salt/pepper. Which is it?

Salt and pepper under a temporary color just for that occasion.

There. Truth in advertising!

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2/28/2006 7:30 pm

Ever since I came on a computer and made a simple profile I decided i would not tell one unture thing about myself. I tend to the opposite directiona dntell TOO MUCH of the truth and some people cannot handle the truth!

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