That clean fresh feeling  

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2/19/2006 3:50 pm

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That clean fresh feeling

Busy, busy, busy. So not much time for blogs. Just a quick note to let ya'll know I'm still breathing.

This weekend I finally faced up to the task of clearing out my study/den. Basically one bedroom that I have set aside as a work environment. The room is populated with office furnature, filing cabinets, and of course my trusty computers. What it also accumulates over the course of a few months is piles of paper, books, wires, plugs, disks, post-it notes, manuals, and miscellaneous detritus produced as I beaver away.

So, periodically (usually the period is measured by whether I can actually get into the room and work at my desk LOL ) I have a massive clearout. So, this weekend I have been throwing away all the crap that has accumulated, including: two broken printers; a scanner; a graphics tablet; two old CD drives; various printer cartridges; three large dustbin bags (garbage bags if you prefer) full of junk-mail, old envelopes, answered letters, faxes, and other bits of paper; an old wireless keyboard and mouse (broken); a bag full of old CDs with various copmputer related material on them; and an old laptop. I have also replaced the previously listed broken printers and scanner with a shiny new "MultiFunction Centre" which offers such wonders as printing, scanning, copying, fax, telephone answer machine and hands-free telephone functions all in one very neat unit(so I guess it definitely qualifies as multi-functional). This has significantly reduced the amount of desk space occupied by the previous incumbants and has reduced the plethora of plugs required to power all of this from four down to one.

The PC I recently (well a few months ago actually) built to serve as my network server has now migrated from the desktop onto the floor where it should be. A new five-stack in-tray has materialised and papers which I shall look through next week have been duly allocated to their care. (In addition a new three tier in-tray is downstairs in the hallway, replacing the impromptu filing system I had established up the staircase.) I have also invested in a new wireless keyboard and mouse, so once again enjoy the freedom from cable hell on my desktop.

Two filing drawers full of papers from my old company have been emptied into archive boxes which will now be stored in the loft. The drawers have been reallocated to hold the new company's paperwork which hitherto had lived in piles on top of the desk.

Net result of all this work is that I can a) see the floor in my den, b) move under the desk without getting tangled in the snakepit of cabling, and c) I have rediscovered the delights of having desk space.

The real benefit of all this activity is that I feel clean. A fresh start is so invigorating. I actually feel more motivated, not because the room is clear of clutter but because it WAS full of crap and is NOW clear of clutter.

Now all I have to do is repeat this exercise with the rest of the house

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