Story: You know, you have one of those evening...  

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9/27/2005 3:04 pm

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Story: You know, you have one of those evening...

Okay, nothing better to do than blog tonight...

Here's a little fantasy I cooked up when I was seriously considering getting a big American RV and living a "roaming" lifestyle (I'm British, so this was a novelty to me - lol).

A Friend in Need...

I'd just parked the RV, set down the legs and pushed out the sides. The weather was terrible, rain, rain, and more rain. Idly turning on the TV I looked out of the side window to see two women pitching their tent in the rain.

What the f^&k, I'm a nice guy, no agenda. I open the door and call them over.

"Hi girls. Look you're not gonna get that up dry so why don't you bundle it up under the awning and come in here. I've got a couple of spare bunks you can use."

They look at one another, "Ok. Thanks", they reply in heavy foreign accents.

Once the tent is bundled up just outside the door, the girls come in. It is only now that I realise how stunning they look. One, apparently, the stereotypical leggy blonde, I'd have guessed twenty from her body, late-thirties from her face. The other a full figured brunette with beautiful hazel eyes but not what you would call stunning looks, cute as a button though.

"Come on in girls. There's a shower through there. Feel free to clean up. I think there's a couple of bathrobes in the bedroom closet and you can close that door there for privacey."

"Thank you. I'm Sylvia, this is Brune." The blonde does the introductions.

"Sorry, very rude of me, John. My name that is."

"Well John, thank you for your shower."

"You're welcome." The girls retire to the rear of the RV, closing the door behind them.

An hour passes. I watch TV while the girls giggle and shower in the back. Finally they come out dressed in the bathrobes they found in my closest.

"Hi girls, feeling better?"

"Oh, ya. Thank you for being so kind."

"No problem. Sit down. Do you want coffee?"

"Yes, thank you."

I make coffee and hand it to the girls, both now sitting on the couch in the main living area. As I sit in the chair opposite them Sylvia gets up, turn her back to me and bends over to put her coffe cup on the table. Damn! Her bathrobe rides up an inch of two showing her gorgious legs. I try not to stare, but want to look so much.

Brune sees me glancing at Sylvia and giggles, winking at Sylvia. I immediately blush and look away.

Sylvia simply pauses, then bends over further. The bathrobe rides up higher, and higher. Her legs go up all the way to the top! And at the top I spy a fantastic arse and the slightest hint of a pussy peeking out between her legs. Oh my! Where the hell do you look in these situations? In my case I look straight at her pussy.

Sylivia turns her head and with a cheeky smile she says, "We are really grateful for your help." She smiles the dirtiest smile I have ever seen.

Brune looks up too and smiling at me she spreads her legs and casually pulls up her bathrobe very slightly, just enough to show me her pussy too. "Yes, we're really very grateful."

Oh shit! This is too good to be true. I can't take my eye's off them!

I stand up slowly and walk over until I am just behind Sylvia. Then, very carefully, as if touching her will wake me up from this dream, I lower my right hand onto her butt.

Nothing. Not even a flinch. She stands exactly as she is. I stroke my hand down her butt cheek, smooth and soft, until it rests on the back of her thigh. Then very softly I move it between her legs and stroke softly up her inner thigh. Slowly, so slowly I approach her pussy.

Suddenly, she moves. Not to move way, but to part her long legs a little. My hand has a smooth passage up to her pussy. I feel the heat of it before I touch it. Warm as only an aroused pussy can be. I move my hand further up until my little finger just touches her hairless labia.

Sylvia rocks slowly back, pushing herself against my tentative fingers. I find my little finger sliding deep between her thighs and up to invade her labia.

Okay, I ain't stupid, these girls (well at least Sylvia) where obviously up for more than sleep tonight. I turn my hand over onto her left thigh and push my index finger up into her warm pussy. Sylvia throws her head back as my fingers invade her soft, wet slit.

"Nice?" I ask.


My fingers are now gripped in her wetness. I am only able to move them to and fro slowly. Eventually I kneel down behind Sylvia and change the angle of my fingers so that I can curve my index and third finger downwards to the front wall of her vagina. Pushing deep inside her I start the "come here" gesture (upsidedown now) with both fingers, stroking the front wall of her vagina.

Brune, not to be left out, is standing before me just beside Sylvia. She unfastens her bathrobe and lets it fall to the floor. She has one incredible body! Full figure, some may say chubby but I like a woman with meat in her bones, rounded where a woman should be rounded! I lean toward her and she obliges by spreading her legs and leaning back. I bury my tongue in her wet pussy and start licking her clit.

Here am I, a normal 39 year old man, with two women, one on my fingers the other on my tongue.

This continues for some time. Sylvia, rocking gentle in repsonse to my fingers and Brune thrusting her pelvis as I tongue her. As Sylivia starts to moan I leave Brune to focus all my attention on Sylvia. My fingering becomes for frantic as she reaches a climax. Finally she explodes, her legs clamp together, she stands up and then collapses immediately, my fingers are puched out of her by the contractions of her pussy.

Sylvia sits down on the couch. Brune stands up and grabs my hair! She pulls me up and grabs my belt. Before I know what has happened she has my trousers and boxers around my ankles and my stiff cock in her mouth.

This girl could suck a golf ball though a garden hose! My cock is sliding right down her throat, I mean she's taking it's full length, right to my balls. Her hands are expertly cupping my balls, gently tugging them down delaying the moment we both know is inevitable.

How long can this go on? Not long, that's for sure. When a women is this confident in handling a cock you're at her mercy. She sucks me dry in no more than a couple of minutes. My cum dribbling of her chin she look up at me, "Nice?", she asks mirroring my question to Sylvia.

"Oh yeah. That was fantastic."

The girls are both sitting on the couch, I'm kneeling on the floor in front of them. Sylvia has divested herself of her bathrobe and I'm taking of my shirt. Two pussies, two hands, and one tongue. I go to work.

Licking and fingering two wet, wet pussies. I'm in hogs heaven. The girls are being very responsive. I finger them both, one on the left hand, one on the right. Alternately licking first Sylivia's clit, then Brune's. I'd like to tell you they both came together, but they didn't. Sylivia, obviously sensitive from her first climax, came first. Her wetness running down my right arm. I immediately change to use my right hand on Brune. Pushing Sylivia's cum into Brunes pussy.

All my attention is now on Brune's pussy. Fingers invading deeply, tongue lashing her clit. The more aroused Brune becomes the more fingers I need to insert, until I have four fingers deep inside her. A little more frigging and I push her legs wide apart with my elbows. I slowly introduce my whole hand to her dripping wet cunt. She's so relaxed now I can get my whole hand into her, I ball a fist.

I rotate my fist vigorously inside her. She's panting hard and then suddenly, with no warning she screams. Her pelvis thrusts upward, I feel her cunt tighten around my fist. She screams again and I remove my hand.

Brune collapses on the couch gasping.

"Well, that was fun", I joke.


"Ya", they both agree.

"So, what's next?" I'm hard again and my cock is demanding attention.

"Both of you, turn over and kneel over the couch" They both comply. I'm looking at two different, but in their own way, fantasticaly sexy asses. I move forward and gentle stroke them both down the back, one with each hand. Then I spread Sylvias ass cheeks revealing her asshole. I gently tongue it.

Brune's cheeks are parted and her asshole paid the same compliment.

"Who's first", I ask. No reply. I move so that my cock is up against Sylivia's butt. My hands spread her cheeks and my cock falls between them. I press forward so that my cock penetrates her light brown star.

"Mmph", a little discomfort but no more. I push forward until my cock is deep in her asshole. Slowly I start to fuck Sylvia's ass. Brune waits patiently.

Suddenly I pull our of Sylvia and quickly grab Brune's ass and push hard into it.

"Ooohh", she cries. Genuine shock at the suddeness of my penetration. I fuck Brune hard and fast up the ass.

I'm almost there. I'm almost cuming. I pull out of Brune's glorious womanly ass and grab my cock in my hand.

"Right. Both of you turn round and face me."

I jerk my cock into action. A few strokes later my cum is spurting over their faces. Without a word they both lean in and start to lick and suck my cock as it loses its vigour.

The next day they pitch their tent and I pulled out (of the camp site .

dano6332 57M

9/27/2005 5:41 pm

Deam, Awesome story just wanted to say sorry. I was not trying to dis you on Huny's blog and was just in a real smart ass mood.



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