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Story: OK, here's the dirty story

Right, enough of the soul searching, I feel like a dirty story

Import Duty

"Would you come this way please madam?", the forty year old brunette's eyes widened as I asked her into the interview room.

"What? What is the problem?"

"No problem Ma'am", I respond, "just a a slight irregularity on you visa."


"Now, would you mind emptying you pockets into the tray over there, and place your handbag in the tray provided."

Nervously she does as requested.

"Thank you. Now, ma'am, I am required to inform you that these proceedings are being surveiled by video. Shortly a female colleague will join us and you will be searched."

"Searched? For what?"

"Ma'am, please, this is all very routine."

Shortly Sally, my assistant, arrives.

"Ma'am, my colleague will now give you some instructions. Please follow them and this will all be over in no time."

Sally takes control, "Ma'am please remove your coat."

The woman removes her coat and places it carefully on the bench. Sally advances until she can reach the woman and, starting at the shoulders, she quickly frisks her.

"How was that?", she asks me.

"Not bad." I reply, "let me show you how to do it thoroughly. Ma'am, please excuse us, I'm sure you appreciate the need for thorough training."

"Of course officer", nervousness?

I place my hands on her shoulders, slide them gentle down the outside of her arms, roll over the wrists and, lifting the arms, up the inside of her arms. Then, under the arms, over the top of the chest, down over the breasts and cupping under them (more than is really necessary), over the stomach, round the back.

"That's the torso sweep", I say to Sally.

My hands now stroke down her outer thighs and legs. She's wearing a knee length skirt, which makes this next maneuver my favorite. Rolling around the ankles my hands slide up her inner thigh, lifting her skirt as I go my hands reach her crotch.

"Now, this is important Sally. You must check this area thoroughly in all body sweeps. It is the most common area for concealment as most people are embarrassed by it." My hands thoroughly investigate her crotch and arse.

"Now, you do it." Sally repeats my motions, lingering around the woman's crotch and arse. If I had to swear, she spent more time than I did investigating these regions.

"Anything?" I ask.


"Ma'am. We have reason to believe that you may be concealing drugs about your person. As such we will now conduct a full body cavity search."

"What!?" the woman cries.

"A full body cavity search," Sally repeats.

"But I haven't done anything. I don't carry drugs!"

"Ma'am please, we're just doing our jobs. Please remove your clothing. Then stand three feet from the wall, lean forward and place your hand in the yellow circles."

"But why?"

"Ma'am. Please. I have no desire to call help to force you to comply. Cooperation really is in your best interests."

Reluctantly she removes her blouse, then her skirt. Standing before me in her white bra, slender panties and hold-up stockings she looks at me imploringly.

"Please ma'am. Remove ALL of your clothing." She turns away and slowly removes her bra, placing it on the bench with her other clothing.

"And the stockings please." She bend over to roll down her stockings and I see her firm breasts hang down. Once removed the stockings join the rest of her clothes on the bench. She places her hands into the yellow circles.

I walk over to her and begin again with her shoulders. Lingering on her neck, then gently stroking her shoulders and arms. My hands rest on her breasts, slowly massaging them, then down her stomach and round her back.

Kneeling down behind her I admire her buttocks, not small but beautifully proportioned. I stroke her butt, then on one smooth motion I hook my fingers into the sides of her panties and pull them down to the ground. Christ! I nearly cum as I see her arse and cunt revealed.

She gasps as I remove her panties but remains in position.

"Please part your legs ma'am"

"Couldn't your assistant do this?"

"No ma'am. Sally is not my assistant, she is my trainee. She is here to learn."

My hands once again stroke her arse. Then I roll them around her hips to her stomach, then slowly, gently stroke down to her pubic bone. Fuck me! She's shaved.

My erection is becoming quite painful at this point. My hands press on between her thighs, feeling every curve of her pussy, then once again roll around her lower hips and part her buttocks. Again, my erection twitches at the sight her asshole and beneath? Her pouting pussy begs for attention.

"Please part you legs a further ten inches ma'am. I need to perform an invasive cavity search."


"Ma'am, we have reason to believe that you may have contraband concealed in your vaginal cavity. Please, this won't take a moment." She parts her legs and my fingers slowly invade her. Normal procedure demands that I'd wear gloves and use a lubricant, but in this case I really didn't want to wear gloves (this bitch was HOT) and I really don't need lubricant! I slowly insert my fingers into her. First one, back and forth a little. Then a second, her pussy starts to moisten further as my two fingers investigate her cavity. Then three fingers. Finally I insert two finger on each hand and part her wide open. She gasps.

"Sorry ma'am. I didn't intend to hurt you."

"You didn't", she whispers, her head dropping slightly.

I look at Sally, she winks to me. I lean forward and touch the woman's pussy with my tongue. Tasting her juices.

"Is this normal procedure officer?"

"Ma'am. Taste is a very important indicator to drug concealment."

"Oh. Okay then." I don't think she believes me.

My tongue continue its journey around her pussy lips and into the cavity being held open by my fingers.

"Sally. Why don't you try?", Sally takes my place and kneels behind the woman. Her fingers replace mine and her tongue investigates the woman's orifice.

"What do you taste?" I ask.

"No drugs sir."

"Correct, well done. Now, ma'am we're nearly done. There's just one more thing to do."

"Oh, thank heavens." Replacing Sally I slowly insert my index finger into the woman's anus. She gasps again, then I insert a second finger and start to frig her gentle. She pushes her butt back into my fingers.

"Ma'am. Do you mind if I show Sally a new technique for anal cavity searches?"

"No officer, please do." I stand up, unzip my pants and take out my quivering cock. I press it into service, slowly inserting it into her asshole.

"Oh GOD! That feels fucking fantastic!" she cries involuntarily.

I start to slide in and out. Her anus bulging and puckering under my thrusts. Her hand comes around behind her and grabs my balls. I have to admit I panicked for a moment. Was she going to crush my balls!? NO, she started to stroke them and gently pull them down. Harder, harder I fuck her ass.

"What about your assistant?" she breathes.

"Sally!" I cry.

Sally moves in front of the woman, between her and the wall. Pushes us both back, lifts her skirt and pushes the woman down so that her head is opposite Sally's wet cunt.

"Finger it," Sally demands. The woman brings her hands up and starts to frig Sally's dripping snatch.

We continue like this for some time, me fucking the woman's ass, Sally moaning as the woman finger fucks her. Finally I cum. Exploding into the woman's ass (a risk I know but the bitch was sooo enjoying it). I immediately pull my cock from her ass.

"Sally, get over here now. On all fours. You!", to the woman, "lay down and lick her cunt!" They both do as ordered. I kneel down and force my cock, still dripping with my cum and the woman's ass juices, into Sally's eager mouth.

"Jees", the woman exclaims as the Sally soaks her face with quim. My cock, newly invigorated, delivers a parcel of um into Sally's mouth.

"Thank you for your co-operation ma'am. We apologize for the inconvenience, you are free to proceed."

"Thank you officers", she replies as she stands and begins to dress. Do you know, I think she really meant it too.

This has been a masturbatory fantasy of mine for many years. Obviously the specific of the fantasy vary but it's all about taking advantage of a position of power and control.

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