Story: Day two - still not bored :)  

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9/27/2005 11:00 am

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Story: Day two - still not bored :)

OK, I've been playing on AdultFriendFinder for a couple of days now. It's definitely fun, and I've already met some great people (none for sex yet, but I have no expectations in that direction for a while).

Right, since I can't fuck, I'll write.

Last Day

It's my last day working on a contract for a local software company. I've been here for around 18 months and every day I pass Katy. Katy is 28 and a bomb! Five feet six tall, blonde (though not natural), full figured and alway impecably dressed. My natural shyness when meeting women means I've only spoken to Katy to say "Good morning!", hell it took me 6 months before I found out her name. Today I figure, "what the hell it's my last day, if she blows me off I'm leaving anyway".

As I enter for my last day I go over to the reception desk, "Hi Katy".

"Hi John", smile.

"Hi", what now? "It's my last day today. We're all going over the road for a goodbye drink if you fancy it." True, but lame, shit!

"Sure, sounds fun."

That's it. That's as much as a manage. I turn and walk to my desk.

The day passes largely uneventfully, as last days do. A round of goodbyes, then over to the pub with a few friend.

As I pass Katy I walk more slowly until she looks up. She smiles, a beautiful wide smile reflected in her eye. She waves me over.

"Hi John. I have something I'd like to give you."

"Oh, that's kind."

"Come with me."

I follow her, curious as to what she has for me. She leads me over into a corner of the reception area and open the door to the ladies toilet. "In here", she says.

"Excuse me?"

"What I have for you is in here."

OK, wierd but OK. I scan the reception, no one around, so I duck into the small room. Katy follows. We stand in a small basin room, the toilet in a separate smaller room to our left. Katy places herself between me and the door we just came through. She looks up, her beautiful blue eyes twinkling. Leaning toward me she kisses me gently on the lips.

Suprised! I'll say. I've been fantasising about fucking her for months. "Thanks. That was", a pause while I think of the right word, "unexpected."

"Oh, that was just for starters." Katy takes my hand and places it on her full rounded breast. "You like?"

"Oh yeah." Like, I'm loving this. My hand starts to investigate her breast through her thin blouse, she's wearing no bra and I can feel her nipple hardening under my hand.

She leans forward and kisses me again, with passion this time and I return with equal passion. My hand navigates round her body and down her back. Down her back and to her fabulous rounded arse. She pushes her pelvis into me and I feel myself hardening against her.

Suddenly she pull away and jumps up to sit on the small surface by the sink. She looks at me and parts her legs, lifting her short skirt just enough to show me her cunt. No knickers!!

I advance to stand between her legs and she unfastens my trousers, then taking my now hard cock out of my boxers she moves forward in the surface until my quivering member is resting aginst he soft wet cunt. I push forward into her, she gasps. Not with pain but simple pleasure. Her head tilts back, I kiss her throat and begin thrusting into her.

After a couple of minutes of this shee wispers, "From behind". I withdraw and let her change position, she lifts her skirt so I can see her glorious arse.

I slip into her dripping cunt and begin fucking her. At first slowly, then as she cries out "faster" I build up speed. Faster and harder, I begin to worry that someone will hear the slap of my thighs on her arse. That, or our joint groans and pants as the pace quickens.

"Fuck my cunt you bastard, fuck it hard"

"I'll fuck your arse if you don't shut up you slut"

She breaths out one word, "Yes"

I talk my cock, spit on my hand and add some unneeded lube to the end of my eager cock. Placing it against he arsehole I drive into her. "Oh fuck!" she cries, this time with a tinge of pain. I begin to pound her arse, hard.

As she reaches a climax I take my almost orgasmic cock out, grab her hair and force her to her knees.

"Open your mouth. Now!" She does as I command and I push my cock into her mouth and skull fuck her. Gaging on my cock as I push it all the way into her and down her throat she starts to push my thighs but I continue until I reach my climax moments later. Long streams of sticky cum flow down her throat.

"Drink it all up!" Pulling back a little I allow her to lap the cum from my cock. Once she has cleaned me I pull her to the floor and thrust my fingers deep into her cunt.

"Oh Jesus, no more please", she begs. I ignore her and continue to thrust my fingers into her dripping cunt. Fast, hard, and deep. Lowering my tongue to her clit I lap up her cunt juice and press my tongue hard onto her clit. She tastes exactly as I had imagined, I could do this for hours. Her head is now swaying uncontrollable from side to side and she cries, "stop, stop. No keep going, oh God don't stop."

With a massive heave of her pelvis she shoots cum down my arms and onto my chin, her cunt grips my fingers and she cries out so loadly that someone must have heard.

Shit! I quickly jump up and check that the door is locked. It is. A banging on the other side of the door confirms my fears that someone heard her cry.

"Katy?", pause. "Katy? Are you OK?"

Katy gasps to get her breath back, then "Yeah. I'm fine. I just dropped a nail varnish on the floor."

"It sounded like you were in pain."

"No just angry at myself."

"Okay, so long as you're OK"

"Yeah, I'm great!"

We quickly dress, then I hide in the small room while Katy leaves. I hear muffled voices outside, then someone comes into the anteroom obviously looking for signs of nail varnish on the floor. They leave, satisfied.

I wait a moment, then carefully opening the door I leave.

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