Sometimes it happens that...  

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Sometimes it happens that...

OK, it's been a while. Okay, it's been a loooong while, since I've been prompted to blog.

The weather is hot and humid, it's a quarter to eleven, I've had four hours sleep in the last 48 and I thought "Hey, it's been a while since I blogged on AdultFriendFinder".

So, I came back.
For a bit.
I have to admit,
I'm here to expel,
my grumpy... old... man ...

What the fuck is wrong with young people today! Nah, too easy a target , that one's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Fair tax system! Who the fuck are they trying to kid!! Again, too easy, any tax system that penalises success is fucked up. It basically encourages mediocrity in the masses. “If you're a success and earn more money because of it we're gonna fuck you over” is the message I hear (I earn a reasonable income, not a lot, but enough so all of you that are thinking “oooh, bitter rich man” can kiss my middle class ass, I'm commenting on the hypocrisy of a system that claims to encourage entrepreneurship, then taxes your ass back to the middle ages when you make some dough. Here's the low down for all the retarded politicians who can't do math ‒ FAIR = equitable ‒ and we have a simple device for doing this. It's called a PERCENTAGE. You earn more, you pay more AS A PERCENTAGE. FAIR is NOT saying that when you reach some arbitrary income your taxable percentage GOES UP! Oh yeah, that's fair ‒ like fuck!).

Calm, calm. Goooze-fhaaba,

Okay, how about WAR ON TERROR. Shit, the only thing that terrifies me IS the WAR ON TERROR. More fucked up legislation has been forced through in the UK since the declaration of the WAR ON TERROR (supply your own Hammer House of Horror reverb effects) than at any time in the past century. Consider if you will these choice highlights:
A British Citizen can be held without charge, and without trial for 28 days. They have no rights, are detained in custody and do not even have to be informed of why they are being detained. (The government would prefer 90 days!)
A British citizen can be subject to an ASBO (an Anti-Social Behaviour Order). These can limit your movements, restrict your ability to work and so forth. ASBO's are awarded without trial and generally in circumstances where “insufficient proof is available to guarantee a successful prosecution”. So basically avoiding the whole idea of a “fair trial”.

The real kicker here is that the government want to extend ASBO's to businesses too. So your business can be shut down and prevented from doing business without a trial. OK, nothing to do with the (get that reverb ready) WAR ON TERROR, but it does make you think what a bunch of control freak assholes are running the country.
Identity Cards. Okay, I hit that one before ‒ and various UK government think tanks (or whatever they're called) now say the ID card is dead. Thank the FUCK for that! That was lined up to be the biggest waste of £6Bn ever. Let's face it they can't get simple shit right like awarding welfare, tax rebates, or even our national health service IT system (the NHS is great but the IT system has been seriously fucked up by the government ‒ but don't get me started about IT and government [actually “Government IT” is an oxymoron]).
Here's a good one. The police are installing thousands of cameras that will be capable of monitoring millions of motorists as they move about the country (the cameras record number plates and so show your movements about the country). Can anyone see an abuse of this system! Hands-up! Of course we are assured that it will be used only in the event of needing to recover the tracks of a terrorist or other criminal. Here are a couple of ideal for the government to make money:
Sell records of mileage covered to insurance companies. This will allow them to deny claims on insurance more readily.
Road pricing. Charge the motorist for each mile recorded. (Actually they are planning this already ‒ I mean it's so much simpler to install a high tech monitoring system on the roads than to charge more for fuel. [Mind you since 85% of the cost of fuel in the UK is tax anyway I figure they'd be taking this piss if they charged more].)
Sell records to people involved in disputes. (Wife suspect hubby of fucking around, no problem, buy the records of his car movements and BINGO! “Where were you last Tuesday darling?”
Guantanamo Bay. 'Nuff said.
Oh, oh. Here's a peach. Biometrics. The answer to everything according to both the US and UK governments. Put biometrics into your passports/identiy cards and the whole problem of fraud goes away. Oh, please grow up! All you're doing is encouraging criminals to get more creative. Here are just a few:
1.Inject false data into the database. Let's face it every database can be tampered with, particularly as human beings put the information in in the first place. Any self respecting criminal will have an “inside man/woman” to enter false details into the database. Once you're on the database your home free. Couldn't happen? Rriiiight.
2.Fingerprints. I guess if we all wear gloves and never touch anything (especially smooth surfaces like glass) then I guess this has a chance. Otherwise it's as much use as Tits-on-a-bull. You've seen the movies where the guy picks up a finger print from a glass and uses it to gain entry to some secret facility, well, in principal that works.
3.DNA. Do not leave your house. Do not touch anything, or permit anything to leave you house. That is the only way you can reduce the risk of your DNA falling into the wrong hands. Scratch DNA as a biometric. (Ok, if they compare MY DNA to that on record I'm probably stuffed, BUT for most day-to-day stuff I can pass this test). That said give it a few years and I can imagine a liner for the mouth coated with the target subjects DNA, since swabs are generally taken form the mouth, BINGO one more biometrics fucked.)
4.Facial recognition. Oh, please! It sucks at the moment. Facial recognition is very difficult as a computing problem. Assuming it does take of it will have to be VERY good. A little plastic surgery will make the face sufficiently like the target to not be a problem.
5.Iris scans. Again, sufficient;ly flaky that contact lenses or laser surgery will probably fuck it up. (Actually the UK government trials on biometrics have been, well let's be generous, less-than-definitive. Something like 80% of iris recognition failed on the real person! Fingerprint recognition is a joke and facial recognition presents a pleasant surprise when it works.)

If it weren't for the money involved (and let's face it “QUO BONO” applies in spades here. This is not about safeguarding the people, it is about these that occur to me:
1.Keeping the masses sufficiently afraid that when you say “Jump” they say “How High?”
2.How much money you can make out of special interest groups (the odd directorship here or there when you retire, for example).
3.Keep a DNA database ‒ sell it to insurance companies and the like so they can see your risks of heart disease etc. (OK, they could do this themselves but I bet it'll be cheaper when the tax payer is footing the bill for collecting the information ‒ or put it another way, you are paying for your government to increase you insurance premiums.) Couldn't happen? Rriiight, you keep on believing that.

Okay, what else has been jerking my chain. People who cruise in the centre of a clear highway. WHY! Pull over to the outside lane you fuckwit! What, like you need to be in the centre lane for a reason?

Gooooozefaaaba !

People who insist on having conversations at 160Db on their mobile phone. Why the fuck should I care that “Tracy had here birthday party and got soooo drunk right?”, but apparently (based on the 160Db announcement to the whole fucking train) I need to know. NOBODY WANTS TO KNOW THIS! These people shout at mobile phones like the person on the other end it either deaf, or they have to actually cover the 4 miles between them! Keep it quiet or fucking die!

People with shit cars and big pipe exhausts. Okay, this tends to be young men (although not exclusively). They buy some piece of shit 1.6Litre Astra and put a big bore exhaust on it so that it rattles windows in a five mile radius as they gun it through town. The fucking car does 0-60MPH in like a week, it's basically held together by rust and paint. Why, oh why, does a big bore exhaust make such a piece of shit “cool”? (On the other hand they probably double the value of the car with the exhaust added.)

Thanks for listening....

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