First time...  

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First time...

OK, this is part one (let's hope I remember to do the rest , next update probably on Friday night as I'm going out tomorrow).

This story is loosely based on personal experience. I hope to express some of the issues I had, why I did it, and reveal the outcome, the first time I paid for sex.

First Timer (Part 1)

I found her on the Internet. Google search: 'escorts uk'. Her web site looked fine, very professional. Her gallery had pictures, none nude, all beautifully posed. A red head, 34C bust. No list of "services", rather a short essay on her desires.

Okay, ready for the plunge. I write my e-mail:

"Hi Suzie:

My name is John, I am a 38 year old heterosexual male. I've been divorced now for 10 years and have had only one 'serious' relationship in that time.

To be honest, this is my first time engaging the services of an escort. I'm simply looking for some uncomplicated sex with a beautiful woman, and you fit the bill!

I'm hoping to enjoy oral (giving and receiving) and full sex in a variety of positions.

On your site you say, 'I will consider anal, but this is something I prefer to discuss between the sheets. My bum is delicate, please don't press me if I say no.' Rest assured, although the idea is very appealing this is not a matter of great importance to me. We'll find out on our 'date' if you agree to meet me.

I am looking for an overnighter (I really prefer to get to know you over dinner and then enjoy a night with you, cuddling in bed and kissing is very important too). I understand from your site that you charge £950 for an overnight stay.

Well, if you need to know more, please feel free to ask.

Looking forward to meeting you,


A day passes, no response.

I check my e-mail the next day. There it is!

InBox: Mail from Suzie

I open it up:

"Hi John:

Lovely to hear from you, I'd love to meet you for an overnight stay. Yes, you are right £950.

When do you want to meet?

Everything you mention in your e-mail sounds yummy.

Suzie x"

Okay, do I back out? Do I go ahead? Have I reached the point in my life were I'm willing to pay a woman to be with me, or is this simply an extension of my sexual play? My last bedroom playpal and I parted a year ago, does this make me a sad loser? Damn it! What difference does the money make? Will she be worth it? What if someone finds out? Isn't she a whore? All my life people have told me this is wrong! Fuck it! I don't have time for a relationship, I don't meet many girls in my day-to-day life and I'm shit at all this dating business anyway. I need a woman to hold in bed.

Too many questions. Not enough answers. I wait a day before answering.


Thanks for agreeing to meet me. I work away from home but pass by you one the way down on Monday mornings. Would Sunday night on the 10th be convenient? If so, I will book a room at a nice hotel and we can enjoy a nice meal before we enjoy some bedroom play.

John x"

Nothing for several days, then:

"Hi John:

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I was away on holiday. Sorry.

Yes, the 10th is fine. Let me know when you've booked the room, and what name you've booked it under. I will need to contact them to check (a girl can't be too careful these days). Don't worry, I will be discrete. I have done this before -lol.


Relief? Fear? Blimey, things are progressing. Why am I doing this? Is sex THAT important? No. I just want to be close to someone, physically close. Yeah, the sex is important, but not the basic reason.


I've booked us into the Willow Tree Inn, just of the A34. I gather the restaurant there is very good.

The room's booked under my name: John Simpson.

Looking forward to meeting you. 8pm?

John x"


Thanks. See you on the 10th, 8pm is fine.

Text me with the room number when you arrive, my number is 07775 123456


Five days to go. What have I done? Am I going to go through with this? Yes. Yes.

Three days to go. Suzie. I look at her website gallery again. She really does look fantastic. Curvy, 39 years old, pale red hair, beautiful smile, enchanting eyes.

One day to go. Tomorrow's the day. Christ, if I jack off now will it affect my performance tomorrow? Will I embarrass myself? Cum too soon? Not cum? She's obviously had a lot more sexual partners than me, will I meet her expectations? Does she have any expectations?

I arrive at the hotel at 6pm. Check in and text Suzie: Rm 143

A few minutes later the reply comes: Thx. See you at 8

I turn on the TV, press my shirt and pants. Shower, shave, and brush my teeth. I careful re-count the money and place it in an envelope on the dresser.

I watch TV laying on the bed, fully clothed. Waiting. Trying not to think about 8pm but wanting desperately to make a good first impression. Hell, I'm paying for a service, why does the first impression matter so much? It just DOES! What will she do? God, what if she leaves!?

I get up and recount the money.

There's a knock on the door. I glance at my watch. It's 7:55.

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