An interesting conumdrum  

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9/27/2005 1:07 pm

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An interesting conumdrum

mzhunyhole just posed an interesting (and I suspect common) question to women on her blog; "Have you faked an orgasm, just to finish things and make the guy feel good?" Here's my response FWIW (BTW mzhunyhole - lookin' good!):

Generousity or dishonesty? Not sure I know the answer to that one.

I (and I speak for me only) like to think that an orgasm is real. But then that's the point of your post. Of course, anyone with a basic education in female physiology can spot clues to a real orgasm over a fake orgasm. It's just a question of whether you want to or not.

First disclaimed! No two women cum in the same way (hell, I had one who passed out!). To make matter more complex they have clitoral and vaginal orgasms - and they're different!

Second disclaimer! I ain't a woman (so no doubt all the women that read this will be saying "bullshit, that's not how I cum", I'm just a study of the female form. These tips are based on my own observations, and information readily available in most medical books or sex guides.

Third disclaimer! Sometimes I just don't care whether an orgasm is real of fake. Seriously, sex is about having fun. It's a recreational sport - nothing more (unless you're looking to procreate). Was it fun? If so, shut up and enjoy!

A quick note to the girls: I really appreciate you making me feel like you've enjoyed yourself. Really I do. But it's not necessary. If we're not hitting it off there's no point in going on. If you're really not having fun, then why are we here? I for one (fellas I can't speak for y'all) don't focus on my own orgasm (I can jack-off for that). When I'm with a woman I want HER to have fun. If the chemistry ain't happening then we're both wasting our time.

For me the signs of a real orgasm are (and none of these are definitive I admit, but look for the signs guys):

1. Did her cunt grip your cock? The involuntary muscular convulsions that accompany a real orgasm cause the vagina to spasm. I understand that this involuntary response pushes the cervix down into the vaginal cavity to collect the sperm deposited therein (it's all about "making babies" folks - lol).

2. Kiss her IMMEDIATELY! If her lips are pale and cool that's a good sign. The blood tends to rush to the lower stomach and genitals in an orgasm and (in my experience) away from the lips. Since the skin over the blood vessels in the lips is very thin they tend to pale and cool. (It's hard to fake this once you know what you're looking for. That said a good panting session can have a similar effect, so watch out!)

3. Is the skin on her her neck and breast bone flushed? If so, you're probably on safe ground. A "sexual blush" is another involuntary response (no faking possible). Sadly it is not ALWAYS accompanied by an orgasm, but it's another clue to sexual excitement.

4. Wetness. Some women just can't help it. A female ejaculation IS possible - I've seen my share. The ejaculate is not dissimilar to the male ejaculate (minus the sperm of course). Sometimes it has a salty taste (in my experience), sometimes it can smell a little like urine (but nothing like as strong), if you just feel a flood of fluid at the point of orgasm chances are it's real (easier when you're fingering than when you're fucking). Again (and like the male orgasm), it's pretty hard to fake this one. Sadly, only works for vaginal orgasms (so far as I know - Girls, am I wrong on this one?).

5. Involuntary stomach muscle spasms. This one can be tricky to spot since it is possible, but difficult, to fake. Mainly (again in my experience) related to clitoral orgasms; the abdomenal muscles spasms rapidly (try to spasm your stomach muscles really rapidly, a fluttering rather than a slow rythmic pulse, it's really hard).

Bottom line. Thank girls but I'd rather know the truth. If it really ain't "happenin'" between us let's call it a day. If it's simply that you want me to touch (or fuck) you in a different way then tell me, maybe we can make your fake orgasm real.

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