Sucking badly at this  

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10/19/2005 11:01 am

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Sucking badly at this

I am struggling to understand why it is so hard to get a response back. I mean, I try to be nice, polite, complimentary to those I write, and yet, out of the 100's of winks and emails I have sent out, only about a dozen or so responces. And most of those seem ot lose interest quickly. Is this the norm? Are any of these women really real? Are they just being typical and not being truthful? Is it too much to ask for at least a quick reply that they are not interested? I guess it makes me even more hopeless that I will ever find someone who finds me attractive or desirable. This site has almost made what has been a pathetic life enev more so. You see, I am 33 and have yet to go out on a single date in my life. And one would think that at a site of people who are just looking to get laid, that even womeone like me could find at least one person interested enough to give me a chance and a try, but, such is not the case. I try to be upbeat and positive, but it is hard when you keep getting kicked to the curb before you have even gotten a chance. I am a really nice and caring guy who always treats others with respect, but so far in life, all that has gotten me is a big fat nothing. I just wish that someone would give me a chance, try and get to know me, and be open to who I am. Of course, I am not expecting much from this blog or posting, and much like my profile, it will surely go unnoticed.

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10/19/2005 1:29 pm

Hey man, every woman that brushes you off is just the next one out of your way to a date. I have sent out mmmm, 300 E-mails in two months. I have gotten maybe 60 replies and the majority of them ended-up nowhere. It's like playing the slots in Vegas with an edge-what you present and how you work what you present help find the gold! Keep at it an someone will work for you.

I have found that being blunt and sometimes "ugly" honest seem to be more appealing to women than the flashy "look at my cock" or my "six pack" stuff. I will not send nude stuff to a woman, If she wants me, she has to earn my trust as I hers before clothes hit the floor. Relax, enjoy yourself and don't sound so whiney! do you like whiney women?

Remember this too, many people here are cowards, that's why they are here-the thought of discussing "real" things like this in person is terrifying to them. For others (mostly women) it's safe.

634694u 47M

10/19/2005 1:32 pm

Oh yeah, change that handle-no woman want's a dead fuck! and don't send winks-worthless!

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