Valentines Day  

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2/14/2006 3:47 pm

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Valentines Day

Well it's here again, Valentines Day, another chance to rip off the great British public once again with over-priced, substandard hat. Never bothered getting DC (the wife) a card/flowers, feel like I'm just wasting my money. Tomorrow everything will be at least half price, but still not buying a card. How does a sheet of paper show someone that you love them. It's an emotion, felt throughout your body - you know love from someone, you can sense it in the way they behave towards you, the words they speak, through their cuddles and a kiss, a card is only words - love requires actions, you need to show love not just speak it.

Enough of my ranting, driving me mad, never mind someone else.

Would like to welcome you back to my world, a land of candy-floss, space dust and camel shite, where the sun always shines (not just on TV) and everyday brings a brand new experience, that truly does make you ask "Why, AM, I hear?". and you know what? I don't know. Well I know literally, why I'm hear - at some point my mother shagged me dad and got pregnant, but I haven't worked out, why I'm hear, in the grand scheme of things, somewhere lies the answer, but where? I don't know and will probably never know. to be honest I don't really care if I ever find out.

AA thought last post was rather funny, flattering but funny. Had a thought about what is "sexy", it's not just about looks really, it's everything about a person that determines their "sexiness" - yes, looks play a part, as does personality. I would never describe myself as "sexy", but then I only judge myself on my own perception of my looks, and find it hard to accept positive comments from others.

People who have met me, will have realised I come across as a crazy, surreal kind of person, which to be honest isn't the real me, I discovered the other day, that I put up this shield of craziness, to try and keep people at arms length or possibly to scare them off, even people I really like, is it to protect myself from pain or them from me (being a disappointment or something?). I don't know that answer either.

AA asked me today, if what was in the blog, soft lips and such, was true - of course it was, I can speak the truth hear, it's fairly anonymous, as in not face to face, and I find it easier to talk in type.

Fuckin 'ell, I do go on, but hey, what's a blog 4?

\8 - full as Santa's sleigh on Xmas eve.

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