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2/13/2005 1:53 pm

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dbr3's AFF Adventures....

Well, I'm hoping my friend will be coming over this evening... she's been pretty horny, and frankly, so have I! We've gotten together for sex once before, and it was pretty damned good... left me with 3 condoms, which I'm hoping to use up tonight.

She's just so fucking hot....not only is she pretty, have a great body, but she's got an insatiable hunger, a dirty mind, and she cums over and over again, and I LOVE that.

I think I'm going to start out by giving her a total body massage, get her muscles good and relaxed, and then start driving her over the edge with my tounge and my fingers.... get her so worked up that she'll beg me to fuck her. That is SUCH a turn on... her looking up at me with those half-lidded eyes, breath coming ragged, saying "Please....please fuck me..."

I'm thinking this could be a very interesting night, indeed.

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