Morning Surprise  

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2/21/2005 8:54 am

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Morning Surprise

My little kitten called me early this morning, waking me from a deep, dark, warm sleep. At first I was annoyed...

"I've got a fun way to wake you up, if you wanna," she purred.

I smiled in the darkness. "Alright. Come on over," I replied, sleepily. I wondered why she'd woken up so horny this morning... and if it could be bottled. Heh. I got up. threw on some pants, made some muffins, and grabbed a glass of lemonade, and was finishing up just as she came knocking on the door.

She was dressed up in her skater-girl outfit, which I like... "Good morning," she said, as we began kissing. We spent only a few minutes with our clothes on, before we were in the bedroom, naked, taking in each others' bodies like hungry men taking in a feast... I fed on her firm, smooth, fruity form... I brought her to a quick climax with my fingers, and pressed my cock to her lips, which she speedily devoured. We were both worked up this morning, and just a couple of minutes later, I was filling her throat with my own healthy breakfast.

We played a bit, before I slid into her, and we filled the room with the sounds of lust... whimpers from her, occasional grunts from me, and the bed complaining quietly from the abuse.... I rubbed her clit as we fucked sweetly, caring nothing about the awakening world outside, only each other. And we shook with delight over and over again...

When we were both spent, I let her rest, tracing my fingers lightly over her skin till we both thought we could stand The it was off to the shower, to get cleaned up and face the morning.

I smiled at her as she held me close under the hot water. "One HELL of a way to start the day," I smiled. She laughed, wrapped her arms around my shoulders, and we kissed long and sweet under the falling water.....

Now THAT is what I call a wake-up call.

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