On the Road  

rm_daveinasia 46M
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4/30/2006 5:45 am
On the Road

I spent the weekend in a town south of Pattaya, Thailand to see what the party scene was like outside of the main areas.

The town was named "Ban Chan" and while it was a bustling medium size town it had a very benign nightlife.

Friday night on the bar strip was very tame. We stopped by the one place that had anything resembling a disco and it was deader than a doorknob despite flashing lights, good music and a few cute girls.

The rest of the "clubs" were simply sit down drinking establishments that had on average 5 hostesses who would chat you up, give you a massage or even go up for a "short time". When asked the average price quoted for a "romp" upstairs was about $12 USD.

I had an very early wakeup for some more traveling so called it a night empty handed.

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