must be true  

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10/2/2005 1:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

must be true

I've viewed I've winked I've e-mailed to no advail. So it must be true that people on here don't really want to meet others tp have sex or hell coffee.They must be here just to look at pics and vids and jerk off.

I was really hoping to meet people,as friends and/or to have sex but no.

well I'll still wink at people and hope for the best.And I'll still update my blog.But now I don't really see a reason to upgrade my membership here.I thought if I could meet at least one person here with just a standard membership then what would happen if I had a silver or a gold?

But now whats the point of the upgrade?

I know your asking the question what am I looking for? well everything. A man,A woman, A couple(man &woman),A couple(2 women),A couple(2 men),A TV/TS/CD.

So if I'm wrong and people do meet up then I'll admit it here.But untill then......

So any of you readers are from Connecticut and close to the Norwich Preston area want to meet up send me a wink a note or a e-mail.

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