Wow, our weekend  

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8/8/2005 1:31 pm

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Wow, our weekend

Friday well what can I say? Our Friday date went pretty nice, think I covered that. They were nice and we would love to see them again, never mind that I loved her body. Wife thought the male component was pretty nice too.

Saturday, well we invited the first couple we met up with via AdultFriendFinder. They came over and we had a little cook out (or cook in that is, rain). We had the kids there (sure fire birth control) and so we had a good time and the kids loved having other kids to play with. We watched “50 first dates” (yea chick flick) and even played a little while the kids were in the other room (nothing big). That was one late night.

Sunday, well now it gets interesting. I had picked up my sister so she could find a car, and baby sit for us. Well we figured we would give our first date friends a call and see if they wanted to do anything. So off we went, since it was so late and it being Sunday (Tallahassee isn’t known for big Sunday fun), we ended up in an adult store. I brought us (me and wife) a few toys that looked interesting, got her one of those clit things that ride right on the clit and leaves the hole open for fun, got her an anal plug, thought that would be cool for her or both of us, I’ve read they can cause a man to have a sharper orgasm. We even got some hand cuffs and a blind fold, plus some flavored condoms LOL.

We didn’t get to use any of these new toys yet so please don’t spoil it for us LOL. Well after a bit there wasn’t anywhere else to go, so we headed back to their place. They have a nice home and we felt relaxed and all. So we decided to watch a movie, well I don’t think movies were much on mine and his mind (men uh) as we played with our own partners a bit teasing them, loosening them up a bit. Finally we ended up stripping and the next thing we know we are having fun, getting down and dirty. We kept this very soft swap as most of us felt it more comfortable that way.

It was a pretty interesting time. I thought the most interesting time is when my wife had the other female licking her tit and getting a little fingered by her too with the other male also licking her other tit. What felt real funny is my wife was sitting on me with my tool up in her while this was going on, (her back towards me). The other cool moment was when the two females decided to play a little; they are both new so it was very interesting. They touched each other and licked each others nipples and I think they kissed but they won’t admit to it. At some point at past 2am we finally stopped and called it a night, all I know is that it was 4am when I last looked at the clock when I went to sleep.

So within 13 days we have made 33 friends in our list and several great couples we want to meet and had fun with one so far. Wow isn’t that great. We are making great friendships and can only look forward to many more.

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