Well, another day, its Thursday,  

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8/4/2005 1:11 pm

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Well, another day, its Thursday,

One more day, we have a date with a nice couple this Friday and another this Saturday; this will bring our total couple dates to the grand total of 4 couples. I got to say, there is a certain bit of fun in meeting new people and talking, it seems that most of the couples we have talked to are more like us, easy going people. It’s like a person can be who they are a little easier (though I would try to be anyone else regardless) and you don’t have the same worries, like if you say something about sex, are they going to be offended. Also so far, none we talked to are bible thumpers either. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against religion, just against people trying to shove it down your mouth.

Though we also have ran into some shallow people, I’m no small guy, yes I’m over weight, but been working on that, got a thread mill and all. My wife is also no small fry either. Though no one I ever slept with had a problem with me performing and to tell you the truth, some couldn’t handle me, think of it like this, the bigger the object, the more force it moves in. If you have a semi truck run into a compact car, what’s going to happen? Exactly, when I’m with a woman, my thrusting is very hard and pounding I can shake a woman’s very bones. Some women love this, some can’t handle it. As for my wife, nothing stops her from enjoying herself LOL.

There is a certain bit of maturity in becoming an adult. When one is an adult, if one is uninterested, one says they are not. Not just ignore people, when I was growing up, I was always told to say something when talked to. So you would think that people would just say so right? Why am I even talking about this? Well, one day I saw someone local on AdultFriendFinder IM, well I started up a chat and we talked; now I assume while we were talking she checked out our profile and then promptly closed her session. Then next time, she doesn’t respond. Talk about avoiding things. Where is the maturity in this? Have we become a society that just avoids our problems, just ignore it and it will go away? Where are the people that stand up for them selves?

One doesn’t have to be physically unattractive either; we had a meeting, spur of the moment meeting where they were taking the family swimming. We took our kids and met them there. Well things were civil and all, but no spark, the thing I put together that might have turned them off was our level in the world. Now don’t get me wrong, we are no snobs, but we do like the finer things in life. So yea I have a good watch that most would wear as a dress watch (it’s solar powered). Yea we have a nice SUV, yea we have fine cloths and like to go to nice restaurants. They were small town people used to the simpler things in life. Though I and my wife are ok about that and like that about them, but they just were not comfortable with us.

Another thing, AdultFriendFinder IM sucks big time, it has such a lag time in messages, it also sucks in that you can’t save your conversations or even copy and paste, each message is its own little cell in the box. It also doesn’t tell you someone has left and you are left talking to no one because they left and you are not told they left. Plus it would be nice if it played some sounds when people messaged you. Also the list of friends online is very slow; they could have long left and still show up as online.

Well we look forward to our date, and hope all goes well. It’s nice to meet such nice people and get to know them. We were in a hurry to jump in bed, now we really want to get comfortable with another couple; we figure it will make it much easier and more enjoyable if everyone is comfortable. We want it to be very natural. At some point we will have our network all put together and have people we like to hangout with and play with.

Well, tomorrow is another post.

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