Our First AFF Date  

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7/30/2005 7:57 am

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Our First AFF Date

Well, we had our first date together with another couple. They were nice and funny and warm. We are still very new at this but we have only started since Monday the 25th of July. So far we have a number of prospects and we really like talking to some of the couples we have met online.

With our first meeting, it's helped us to narrow down what we are looking for. We are not looking for a single woman at all, and only interested in solid stable couples.

Some new rules besides her not wanting anal.

No public display of other partner in same city location (in the town/city we live in). We went a little overboard last night with some public display but since it was so late at night and dark it probably wasn't an issue. We want to be friends in public and lovers in private.

Also, wife doesn't like French kissing and hell I barely ever get to French kiss her. Though she does get in the mood for that when she's getting fucked, so don't dispair.

No matter who's partner is doing who's partner, everyone playing should wear a condom. Even if it's couples together. We talked about this, and well we think it will just keep things cleaner and more fun this way.

So other then that, we had a nice dinner, went to cool grinz (which was our first time) and really enjoyed Friday night. It was nice to get out and talk, there is something so different with talking to another couple, there is no hidden desires that go un talked about. Everyone is just more loose and it's ok to pat the other woman and it's just more relaxed, like old buddies. We really enjoyed that aspect.

Growing up in Miami there is lots of macho guys and just laying a hand on their women would start a fight. So you grow up being very untouched and it's nice to just relax and do what you find natural.

Our first date went well and we hope they thought it went well too. We also decided that if a couple has no time to do dates that don't end up in bed every time, then maybe we are not interested. We do not want to end up as the fuck partners and then go home. We truly want friends and don't mind getting dirty every now and then. Would be nice to invite all our AdultFriendFinder couples friends over and have family parties even bar-b-q's and foot ball days. Though it's also nice to know that every now and then, we can fuck the shit out of eachother.

Well we are off to Valdosta, yes we travel quite a bit, or normal places of interest are.

Valdosta (she has family, gives us freedom to meet others since we always have a sitter when we visit)
Atlanta (closest big city (real city))
Jacksonville (closest city with some night life and even nuddy bars (wow))
St. George Island (love those beaches, sometimes very private in the state park area LO
Orlando (we have kids, so imagine why we go there, but also nice to get the kids a sitter and go have fun on the town).
Miami (He has family there, gives us freedom to have a nightlife and visit others since we can get family to watch the kids).

Those are the area's we travel to yearly at any regular basis.

Take care everyone, till next time, we are off to Valdosta.

rm_silkymarg 59T

7/30/2005 10:05 am

Good report but didn't like the F word being used, kinda changed the innocence of just wanting good fun.

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