the rebuttal...kinda and other shit.  

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9/1/2006 2:25 am

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11/7/2006 6:16 am

the rebuttal...kinda and other shit.

okay, a lot of u (5 people) have responded to my last post.
"Previously on Misadventures in Gaydom...." i was toying with the notion of sleeping with the drunk straight(?) guy who likes to shake his lovely junk and money maker all over the barracks. Well, many of u gave me something to think about, so no i won't do it. He's cute and all, especially his pec's of death, porn star good looks... wait did i say no i wouldn't do it. Damn conscience. well, i talked to my ex the other day only to find out he's in a happy relationship. Imagine how much i wanted to jump through the phone and kill him. But i should be happy for him, i mean we did break up due to the whole distance thing and the fact i got mad at him and attempted to sleep with someone. My bestfriend, sexydesertelf as ya'll know him, i just call him ray, has left the island and is back in cali. I miss him so much. We were eachothers emotional support. Now, i have no one except a flock of hetero's who look at me as if i have the plague. I swear one day i'm going to come home and find a black x on my door for unclean. I just discovered that i meet all the requirements for being a sex addict. Great, i can add this to smoking and my blossoming dependence on alcohol. I tried writing one of my short story characters with a need for sex all the time, hoping that i can pass some of my bad habits to him. Laugh if u want to but it is a writing technique. As usual the men in my life have been rotating in and out, my other (somewhat) friend has been relocated but not before he made some scathing comment about my love life, a particular area i'm sensitive about. he thought it was funny and sais he only said it cause i say mean things too, but i don't say things i know he'll be sensitive about. Like his failed relationship with a married woman whom he was madly in love with. And as of late, i've been thinking of becoming a pill popper. i figure if thousands of house wives can be addicted to vicodin to mask the growing hollowness in them, why can't i? I'm a US marine, defender of freedom, i deserve that much. Oh and if u haven't figured it out yet (i'm slightly insane) that this blog is where i go to vent my frustrations and tell my most inner thoughts a diary or journal. also, i'm getting tired of Okinawa, the men on this island like to play games and they say it's because we have to keep it a secret, which i'm cool with, but they are complete and total liars. Jerks. Ass heads. Meanies. Men are so overly complicated, or they complicate things beyond reason. i really would like a man to call my own, but i keep taking home one night stands and fuck buddies. Y can't i just find that one man who is insanely cute, funny and loves me unconditionally(even when i drink out the milk carton and leave the dirty underwear on the bathroom floor when i'm in a hurry to shower and go somewhere)? I think my wardrobe is becoming gayer and gayer every time i get new clothes. like their getting tighter and tighter and suggestive. maybe i'm secretly a flammer deep down inside. That would explain my rather large vocabulary and my penchant for Madonna.

rm_blkpegasus9 50M
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9/1/2006 2:53 pm

Sup man, I read you post and it seems like your isolated its situational so dont let that shit get you down. When are you coming to Cali, let me know I'll take you out for a good time and even introduce to some people. By the Way you can flame if you want, I want hold that against you. So holla at me and let me know sup.

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