Cyber sucks and so this is what it is to grow up.  

rm_dandelored2 32M
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9/7/2006 4:34 am
Cyber sucks and so this is what it is to grow up.

it never fails...i met a guy online whose only interested in cyber, or so it seems. I can be a pretty detail enriched dirty conversationist. But i hate it when a guy leads u to believe that they want to hook up in person only to try and cyber u with no real intent afterwords to hook up. What ever happened to the sanctity of "real fucking"? Apparently it went out, lucky me. So now i'm plagued with the good misfortune of dealing with pud pullers who want nothing more than to read great sex not experience it. Simulated sex is so damn boring. Oh well... on another note, my friend is being moved to another company. Cudos to him, he deserves it, cause the company we're in now is the devil. I will miss him though, he's cool and non judgemental. What more could a fag want in a straight male friend? Plus he's cute. All my friends are moving on, getting stationed far away. And the strange thing is i love these people, they've become my family in the course of 2 years and i can't imagine my future without them. I know they think i'm insensitive at times, but i really do care about them and i will feel empty when they go, but that's life isn't it? The only thing that stays the same is change. I'm getting used to it, the leaving and going someplace new. Starting over again and again. I know that we (my friends) can't always be together, but i've got memories and the happiness i have with them now. So to my friend i bid him a vio con dios, and i'll see u in the future. wow that sounded mad deep. Progress is so creepy.

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