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rm_dananlinda13 57M/58F
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2/13/2006 11:19 am

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5/20/2010 11:13 am

New Experiences

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing my first threeway. It was incredible. Everything I had imagined with none of the negative aspects that can,so often, crop up and taint an experience.

The couple I joined are very loving, intelligent, adventurous, and sensual with a have a great capacity for gentleness and friendship.

They immediately made me very comfortable. There were no egos on display, just great threeway play. I really appreciated that aspect of the encounter.

For me, the most enjoyable aspect of the encounter was not the sex, which was mind blowing, but the companionship and warmth of the three of us playing and sharing.

After getting to know one another over a bottle of wine, we stripped off our clothes and sat and chatted in ease and comfort.

Soon the touching began. Gentle open caresses while talking and laughing helped to generate sexual heat.

He made the first move. He kneeled in front of me and asked me to touch and caress his wife while he went down on me. He was proud of his skills, and she was proud that she was his teacher.

After we moved to the bed, I couldn't wait to return the favor while continuing to touch and caress her.

Not being very experienced, I made up for my lack of technique with enthusiasm and was rewarded by obvious sighs of pleasure and encouragemnet from the both of them.

She then became more active and we talked about, then tried various combinations and positions. I really enjoyed helping her suck her husband's cock
and eating her while she was busy elsewhere.

After some time we moved to the hot tub where we talked and savored the campanionship and intensities of the afternoon. We were in a common area, but we gentle caressed and massages each other as the afternoon wore away.

We went back to the room under his promise that I finish what I have started. I pondered the meaning of that statement as we showered the chlorine off our bodies.

She came a number of times under our ministrations. I came in her mouth as he was eating her. It was so erotic to watch them share my cum.

I cant wait for the next time when I will be enveloped by their warmth.

Thank you, guys


KUL55 59M
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3/16/2006 2:16 pm

Dan, that was hot.... Bill and I are looking to hook up with a woman..but they talk and dissappear.
I am sure you will be comfortable with Bill and I, or just one of us.. we are both down to earth regular guys, looking to have pleasurable fun..

rm_J95911450 68M
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4/5/2006 10:26 pm

Dan, glad you had a great time. They sounded like a nice couple. I've been lucky to have threesome very similar. Enjoyed the feeling of freedom and the pure enjoyment of the best both worlds.It is certainly a fine memory. Glad for you..

deepwoods1965 52M
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4/23/2006 4:38 am

Dan that sounded great. I had a fun couple I had a great relationship with in the past. He was not bi but we did have fun! I would love to find another couple for a long term friendship and fun. I agree with Dew1 We should get a bunch of Bi-men and Bi-women together and start something that is regular get togethers. I hope we hear from some fun folks and form a great group.
Always hoping it's real; Dave

helpme260 62F

5/3/2006 8:33 am

someone please put that one together and we'll show up first

rm_XKalibur4 61M
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2/18/2007 7:47 am

I hope that you and L might find a way to make a 3 way first for me as pleasurable...


rm_3CaPS 49F/43F
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10/24/2007 8:44 am

friends are always first, then cums sex.... We never do strangers!!!

Love, Peace and Harmony
Carol Patty and Sue

suckerslut 69M

1/12/2008 11:09 am

That was one of the most apt descriptions of Bi-Sexual Heaven I have ever read...keep up the good work!

rm_rosesjac 71M
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2/17/2008 5:50 pm

Dan, you're quite lucky in having that good experience.


5/9/2008 9:49 am

may that be the 1st of many ,many more to "cum"

BennyAndajetz 56M
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9/3/2009 8:33 am

It sounds like you had a wonderful and sensual experience!


rm_shaftliker 55M
2 posts
9/20/2009 2:22 pm

hope to have that kind of fun some day
good for you

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