Memories... mmm  

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3/17/2006 4:24 am
Memories... mmm

Hmm.. what to post.. I know.. perhaps a memory that I still hold in my mind.. someone who no longer lives down my way.. but regardless... provided me with alot of real fun.. as I indeed returned to her..

From the first time she visited for coffee.. which wasnt meant to end up in bed.. but somehow did... there was not much innocent about anything we did together.. She had been separated for a number of years.. and from the outset this was no-strings fun... perfectly fine by us both..

She was a good deal older than I ... and quite alot more experienced.. a fact that perhaps should have intimidated me.. but didnt seem to enter the equation.
After a night out on the piss with a mate... I dragged out a matress downstairs and let him go to sleep.. A little while after I got that itch thats hard to ignore... grabbed the phone and texted her...
Half hour later I heard a tentative knock at the door (she knew I had someone asleep there) .. and I answered... as soon as she was in the door I closed it quietly.. and pressed her hard agains the wall and grinded against her.. slipping a hand up her shirt and teasing her nipples... finally she got me off and suggested goin upstairs... hmm.. a good idea...

At the top of the stairs I started relieving her of her clothing... to which she remarked she liked me with a little drink in me.. a little more aggressive than I would usually be.. My automatic response was to throw her on my bed.. and head up her skirt for a good long licking.. which eventually she reluctantly made me stop... and began to relieve me of my attire..
As soon as my trousers were down she had me in her mouth... and damn she was great, and eager too.. yet I still managed to get my face down and pick up where I left off... on all fours.. gettin my mind blown by pleasure.. but that only drove me on to please her more.. and soon enough she was back at that point... She then continued with renewed vigour on me until I filled her mouth...which she sucked down eagerly and only wanted more...

She began massaging my balls. gettin me hard again suggesting I wake my mate.. which I had to deny... (he's an honorable married man and wouldnt be in it...nor would I ask him to). Besides I didnt feel I needed any help..and she agreed.. We went at it twice more before she suggested she should go home before my mate woke up.. and damn it was hard and good.. as casual fun should be..

Next morning when I went downstairs to find my mate awake.. and he laughed at me and told me he had heard everything... and damn she was not very often I turn red... was a rare and memorable occasion.. he ain't let me forget it to this day...

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