An appropriate poem..  

rm_damned_fool 39M
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3/16/2006 7:38 pm
An appropriate poem..

Truth of the Super Sleuth

Excuse me ma'am,
I was wonderin if I can,
take you home
lay you upon the floor
and taste your beauty for an hour or more.
I won't stop until you're done,
then I'll roll you over and spank you bum.

I'll scale to the top of your swiss peaks,
then unto your crevise I'll sneak.
I only wanna take a peek,
to see if it's the cave I seek.

There are several ways to find the truth,
but only one that'll provide ample proof.
So now I'll not be so aloof,
after all you're not a super sleuth.

So I must scale those mountainous peaks,
to test for firmness, to test for leaks.
Then to test the depths of the cave below.
How far does it actually go?
To check for moisture, to test how tight,
and in me does it take delight?

For truth these questions will surely do,
but the proof is in how well it screws....

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