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7/31/2006 12:33 am

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I wish there was a man here for me to lick on!! and get him real hot!! to where he canT take me touching on him any more!! and i am just getting wet by pleasen him so!! i am loven it!! then he start to play with my pussy!! i want to cum so bad!! but i make him stop!! but he starts it right back up!! i am in heaven!! then he inches his way down there and kisses my lips! i feel my self jump!! then i feel his tongue slid in my lips and touches my clit!! i just want to scream!! then he starts sucken on my lips and working his tongue up and down my clit!! i am like damn it feels so good!! he tongue fucks me and i go crazy!! moven back and forth and he keeps going back and forth from tongue fucking me to licking on my clit!! i cum so hard!! but he doesnt stop!! i am beggen him to stop!! he is driven me crazy!! then he makes me tell him want i really want!! i say i want you!! he said that isnt want i asked i said what do you really wont and i will stop!! i say i want you to fuck me!! he said that is what i wanted to hear baby!! he cumes up and slide his dick in me!! he is like yeah i love it like this!! real wet i can her this pussy talking to me and i am going to make it even wetter!! i am bitting my lips!! Knowing this is what i really want!! he pushes my legs up and watch his dick go in and out of me!! saying yeah this is some good ass pussy!! i am fucking him back!! and he is loven it!! he turns me over and grabs me by my hair saying you going to take this dick!! i am taken all of it cumen left and right!! he is long stoking it!! given it to me long and deep!! touching that sweet spot every time he enters my body!! i can feel him comen close!! i stop him and make him lay back so i can have control now!! i start licking my self off of him!! and start given him so of the best head he ever had!! i see he is close so i pull on his balls to stop it from cumen!! and keep given him head!! then i stop i pull the dick down words and just beat the shit out of it!! he doesnt no my trick!! but he cant take it!! so i go to sucking it again!! going deep in my mouth!! then do my trick again!! he is like damn baby what are you doing to me it is driven me crazy!! i smile!! i repeat this a few times!! now i no he is close!! i am waiten on it so i can take it how i want it!! his dick goes to jumping i grab be i little hard and start sucking the shit out if it!! putting it as fare in my mouth as i can!!! i feel him release!! and now i am suck his dick like a staw!! draining him of every drop he had!! amd yes men i swallow!! he cant do nothing but lay there!!I AM HAPPY NOW!!! DONE WHAT I WANTED TO DO!!

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7/31/2006 5:07 pm

I'm only in Gulfport for the month Aug. Then the military is sending me to Iraq. I'm looking for somebody to hang out with and do things with on the weekends after training. If your interested E-mail me here.

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8/1/2006 4:24 pm

u had me beating my dick everytime i read your blog and I have read this story 3 times uhhhhh ummmm!!! You know what to say to turn me on shawty well get at me and we will see what we can can make happen.....

bigstew44 49M

9/3/2006 2:01 pm


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