rm_d2freak82 35M
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9/5/2006 9:54 pm

Listen; do you hear it not?
Fast beating heart with fluid hot?
Only in your presence,
A gentle kiss would staunch the flow.

Beads of sweat bead on my brow
As you whisper soft and low,
Placing a kiss upon my lips,
Gentle hands on my hips.

We’re drawn to each other,
While our spirits rise and soar.
Deeper we sink into bliss,
With shorter pause between each kiss.

My mind races with fevered thought,
I found someone I’ve sought.
I gasp for mighty draughts of air,
As you nibble on my ear.

I slip my arms about your waist,
Never a moment to waste.
Your nails trace furrows down my back,
While I lose myself in green eyes.

What is that annoying sound?
I float away and look around.
Can these people be quiet for once?
I smash the play button to ease the distraction.

Things for now are what they are,
I miss the lady in my dreams.
I ready myself for another day,
Wondering when she’ll come my way again.

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