Sexual freedom  

rm_cutenounou 31F
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8/16/2006 2:41 pm

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8/24/2006 8:01 pm

Sexual freedom

OK, it seem that there is more people in English here than in French.

This is good, will help me get better in English.

We had an experience with an older couple. I do not like that my boyfriend has sex with other girls, so I ask him as favor to let me have fun alone and he accepted. I did not even want him to watch because I wanted to feel free. As a game, what we did is that we look him in the bathroom and then I had all the fun I wanted and freely. After the action, I did not do anything for him, he did himself alone. I wanted that night to be exclusive to that couple.

The reason i did like this was selfish, I want the right to have sex with others but I do not want my boyfriend to do that.

But I also discovered something very powerful. The fact that he was denied all sex with me or anyone, excited me in a fantastic way and made orgasm fantastic like never before.

I also enjoyed the contrast between the guy in the couple having 2 girls and my boyfriend having nothing.

I must be a sadist. Anyway, I started talking about my new feelings to my boyfriend and well.... I'm sure you know what I have in mind.

faismoigouter 49M
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8/22/2006 1:01 pm

see my answer in french...

OrionsAdventures 38M

8/24/2006 9:45 am

Quesque je pence? Je pence que tu est une p'tite salope. loll Mais pour te dire j'aime ca les p'tites salope et si ton chum a aimé ca bien mieux pour toi.

Next time you want to be fucked while your boyfriend can't do anything but hear you screem with pleasure, send me a message I'll be happy to help. To be even more torture for him you could excite him then tie him up on a chair with a blind fold and then I would arrive and the eat you up and fill you up with my 8.5inch. He'll go nuts not knowing who is giving you so much pleasure.


rm_tomahawkxxx 43M

7/23/2007 9:20 am


Je comprends pas ton chumet je suis pas sur que ton couple va durer, mais ça me dérange pas.

Tu nous dis pas ce que tu as fais avec l'aut'fille. Moi, j'aimerais rencontrer une fille juss hétéro, qui voudrait faire un trip avec moi et ma blonde, juss hétéro.

Sinon, je suis obliger de trouver un autre lit que le mien.

Maintenant, si le trip, c'est de te sentir libre, je peux aussi suggérer un in-between:

t'as pensé à attacher et baillonner ton chum pendant que tu baises à côté.

tu peux même lui bander les yeux juste quand tu as envie de faire des choses que t'as encore jamais faites avec lui. Ça c'est très cruel... et très cochon

au plaisir,


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