rm_curious70808 35F
41 posts
8/12/2005 5:40 pm

Last Read:
11/8/2006 7:46 am


i like to f**k. ok at first maybe i am a little shy. but i have to warm up. just to let you know if u f**k me once and i like it, i wanna be f****d again and again. dont be scared of it. if you dont like it just tell me,i dont bite..i suck lol. and besides i wont get upset. but oh well i am a good f**k i can get sooo wet. i like to suck and i think i may even like to lick. not sure yet seeing as i havn't been with a woman yet. but o well...

keke198025 37F

8/14/2005 11:37 pm

i'm in the same boat you to sail together into sexual bliss! hit me up keke198025! let's make a memory!


8/15/2005 12:30 pm

We can work around that shy stuff and don't worry about the continuous f**king. That "again and again" part is what peeked my curiousity but the "sooo wet" is wha hooked me. Love a woman that can get wet beyond belief. Give this old man a try and promise you won't be disappointed

bayoubigdaddy 36M
2 posts
8/23/2005 9:07 am

Big Daddy loves to fuck too. so we need to get at each other.

justafuckguy69 41M

9/10/2005 3:22 am

i love me some chocalate sweet ass hit me up with a email or two

Navycock67 31M
9 posts
10/7/2005 6:09 pm

Hey I am a 19 year old college student that would love to f***. I go to Southern University and am from New Orleans but I am white. I can't wait to meet you! I won't get scared.

Dickthemdown69 46M
1 post
10/26/2005 8:12 am

look i like 2 fuk to,i live like 45minutes from baton rouge .if u like that freaky shit ,holla at your boy.on the real i full that pussy up with some dick,boo.holla ok don't be scared.let me know whats up

biskit1981 36M

11/10/2005 6:04 pm

i have to say that i agree and that i i f*ck you, you will be calling me for a second one if we didnt already!

rm_pat3268 49M
8 posts
12/9/2005 10:12 pm

Well i believe that you can back that fine ass up over here. I could do things to you and your ass that have never been done before. Of course I wouldn't forget about your pussy either.


rm_BlkLaw609 50M
5 posts
12/12/2005 5:13 am

Now This is an ASS I'd love to jump inot head 1st! I wonder how long I'd last before you came over and over. Of course I mean you can't have fun til you eat first right? So naturally I'd have to get my fill on that first. If interested in knowning more hit me back I might have a word or two to share with ya as well.

derrick253 31M
1 post
2/6/2006 11:40 am

hey please call me will have fun 225-610-3540

rm_kdgreen1ooo 44M
2 posts
2/26/2006 3:35 pm

would love to fuck you over on over again i go on hours. The question is can you handle me

rm_kdgreen1ooo 44M
2 posts
2/26/2006 3:39 pm

love to get together with you

GalasForayWiser 43M
30 posts
3/19/2006 3:51 pm

hi sexy i would love to fuck you let me know the next time your feally hot and horny i think i can give you all you want and stand so lets hook up

rshalette 49M
1 post
4/21/2006 10:42 am

Can I taste it , then ride it

Mr_Magic_Stic 34M
6 posts
9/2/2006 3:57 pm

you got me rock hard.

rm_nature_tan 52M
5 posts
11/7/2006 8:59 pm

nice sexy ass love to play with that

midnightrida3 32M
1 post
3/21/2007 9:43 pm

i am just like you in fact i would love to fuck u

rm_tackle402 35M
1 post
8/22/2007 6:54 pm

Hey, curious 70808. I feel the same way. I have a question for you? how would you like a full body message? I would love to chat with you sometime.

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