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He grabs my hair hard and uses it to yank me down onto my knees. I open my mouth to cry out in pain as he does so but he shoves his cock in it as I do so, and I can't make a sound. Putting both hands in my hair he holds it tight and fucks my mouth with his cock, making me gag as he hits the back of my throat. The sensation of me choking encourages him, and he moves faster and harder, pulling my hair so hard it brings tears to my eyes. Suddenly he pulls out of my mouth and uses my hair to pull me back to my feet. He shoves me onto the bed face down, and ties my hands together and then to the headboard. Yanking my legs apart he ties them to opposite ends of the footboard and puts a pillow under my hips, raising my ass. He stands over me and starts to spank me. Hard strokes right on my ass. I yell at the pain and he laughs, telling me he wants to hear me scream and beg for mercy. He hits me harder with his hands, and then picks up a slipper from the floor and begins to use that on me. It hurts even more and I yell louder, and again it encourages him, and he slams it down harder and harder. The belt is next, and I can feel the marks being made. He makes sure to hit my pussy as well as my ass now, and when he does I scream. Finally he picks up a long, thin cane, and brings it down on me. I struggle against my bonds, desperately trying to get away from it, but he has tied me so tightly I can barely move, and all that happens is he hits me harder. Eventually he stops and shoves his fingers into my pussy. The beating has left me so wet they just slide right in. He tells me I am a slut, because only a slut could enjoy what he just did to me. I don't care, he can call me anything, do anything to me if only he puts his cock inside me and lets me come. I feel him move onto the bed and think he is at last going to do it, but instead I feel his fingers at my asshole, pushing their way in. Again I cry out at the sudden sensation and he pulls his fingers out, replacing them with his hard cock, which he thrusts in all at once. He pounds my ass as he reaches forward to tug at my nipples, pulling them hard and twisting them between his fingers. As I shriek he pulls out of my ass and pushes into my pussy. He fucks me so hard it knocks the breath out of me, but he keeps twisting my nipples so that I don't come. Shoving himself as deep inside me as he can he comes, filling my pussy. He then pulls out and gets off the bed to look at what he has done. I'm lying tied up, my ass red and marked, with his come pouring out of my pussy. Smiling he picks up the cane again and strikes me a few more times, and tells me that he will return soon. I lie there in the silence, hoping his return will earn me release.

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wow...very nice!

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