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7/7/2005 6:22 am

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Suspicious Mind...

...or Conspiracy Theory nut.

A funny thing happened to the counts on my blog views yesterday. I had posted 6 daily blogs since joining last week and the view counts on them had been going up slowly, as I had expected them to, then yesterday I logged in and they all went up exactly by 100. Hmmm, each posting exactly by 100. I'm a Standard Member so I haven't put any money into this, but now I am beginning to wonder if my web experience here was being manipulated in order to make a "sell", that being me upgrading my membership to Silver or Gold. Am I being mislead to believe things that are not true?

I've read about business websites manipulating their customers web experience, usually involving price offerings. When I go to a grocery store, the prices are marked either on the item themselves or on the shelf the items are stocked on. I know as a paying customer that everyone in the store is going to be charged that same price. In the virtual world of the Internet, this "even pricing field" turns out to not really exist in some instances. News stories and magazine articles about this are being written by serious publications.

I mentioned in my last blog that I'm a member of 2 online DVD rental companies. One of them manipulates their customer's web experience quite a bit. Here's the dirt:

I work in an office with two other IT professionals. All of us are members of this particular online DVD company, one had just recently joined while myself and the other person had been a member for about a year. As an experiment, we decided to put the same new-release, high-demand movie in our rental queues. Not to our surprise, the guy with the new membership got the rental status of Available Now. However, I got Very Long Wait as the status for the same movie while the third guy had Short Wait as his status. We looked from one computer screen to another amazed at the results. A company was presenting itself and information about its products differently to each of us. In this case the availability of movies titles to rent obviously didn't have anything to do with real inventory at some shipping center.

Sexual Games:

Games are great when everyone plays by the same rules. I've played strip poker, pool and even checkers. I consider phone sex and cyber sex to be something of a game too and I like them. I would like to find out if role playing is a game I could enjoy.

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