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NASA Freak

I'm a space junkie. Sci-Fi aside (which I love as well), I love following real outer space adventures. How about that Deep Impact mission over the 4th? Total cool to me. Remember back six or so years when, after orbiting & studying one of the asteroids in the belt, the mission guys got a wild hair and decided to LAND the satellite probe on the asteroid itself? TOTALLY COOL.

I've once traveled to watch a shuttle launch from Titusville, FL and toured Kennedy Space Center the next day. That was a very tricky thing to do because launches are prone to delays. Sometimes, it can be many days but I figured with John Glenn as one of the crew they'd make every effort to get that bird to fly on-time.

I hit any museum that has a space wing or visiting space-related exhibition. The coolest one I've been to recently was the lost & recovered Mercury One space capsule at the Denver Museum. The best space museum I've been to besides the one at KSC, was the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center in Hutchinson, KS. They have Gemini & Apollo capsules as well as the full scale lunar lander. They continue to update & expand so they've got a lot more to show off since the last time I was there. I'm hoping to include the Smithsonian Air & Space as one to check off my to-do list.

STS-114 - "Return To Flight"
Major Mission Milestones - Most Interesting To Watch on TV or Internet web cast
(times are Mountain Daylight Savings)
7/13 1:51PM orbiter Discovery roars off launch pad 39B
7/15 10:28AM docks with ISS
7/23 7:29AM undocks & performs flyaround of ISS
7/25 8: 02AM Deorbit Burn
7/25 9: 06AM arrives at KSC

Space Spunk:

The highlight to any good porn video is the money shot. Sometimes it is not always interesting to see where it lands or whom on, but what environment it is performed in. Ever seen the cumshot done underwater? I've read that the velocity of the cum burst can reach up to 27 MPH. Performed under water, it slows down to a strange, dangly ribbon. I'm wondering what it would be like to see it happen in zero gravity. Somehow I doubt that NASA would be up for that kind of space experiment.

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