Why people visit this site?  

rm_cummalot3 45M
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12/6/2005 11:03 pm

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9/17/2007 4:22 am

Why people visit this site?

In some ways, its correct to assume that the folks here are looking for sex, sex and more sex and if that’s not it than it has to be even more sex. Right?

In some ways, that is true, but I’ve come to understand by navigating around this site that there is a lot more going on here than just sex or sex related activity. For instance, the blogs posted here offer an insight into a person’s intimate thought which in most cases, have nothing to do with sex. Another example would be the chat rooms, where people just express everyday events or want to chat up different folks.

Not all of us here are lunatic sexual predators lurking in the dark corners of AdultFriendFinder, waiting to bed unsuspecting victims. On the contrary, most are ordinary people with ordinary everyday life with ordinary daily needs. And most importantly, most of us here are looking for friends who can share adult thoughts and feelings without being sexual in nature. The profiles speak for themselves.

What so wrong about that? Why do people assume that we are here for sex only…soooo na├»ve….sooo immature…..sooo whatever

buymelovepls 39F
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9/17/2007 3:39 am

you must be a rare S.N.A.G.

i like a sensitive new-age guy who thinks about something other than sex, once in a while! but not too often, guys still need to be sex-oriented for the benefit of the women he is with.


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