The leap of faith - how to meet ...  

rm_cum2memphis 60M
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4/24/2006 4:16 pm
The leap of faith - how to meet ...

So you think the two or three of you jell nicely and now the question comes up to how to meet. Next question is how do you meet and succeed.

I think we all need a step-by-step book outlining how to pull off a successful meeting. How many successful meetings have you had? Considering all the wackjobs out there it tends to be safer at first, but we still need to meet to have fun.

So how do you do it? List all the ways both good and bad. From my own experiences, I tend to play it safe at first - once met someone at a mextex joint only to get take out to a local park were I enjoyed her taco and she enjoyed my thick sausage. Even I break down to lustful desires and after IM'ing with a Traveling RN we met in the Costco parking lot where she drained me of my essences... all of it. Those are few and far between where I allow no meeting before hand.

What are we looking for when we meet someone other than playtime and fun? What makes your meet-n-greet successful?

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