thursday trick  

rm_ct_peachy 47F
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7/13/2006 11:29 am
thursday trick

can you believe I had today off. "All dressed up with noone to blow" has been the idea this afternoon. I was taking a walk with a friend of mine around the park, and realized that it doesn't matter what your wearing, at some point, the B*tch in your pops up, and you're on the prowl. Here goes - i tend to pick up on little things, like at the park. Mid morning, to late afternoon, there's always a red truck that starts 'parking' at the top part by the gardens, and then afternoon, reestablishes his position at the lower part, around the corner from the gazebo. I've never been able to tell if he was people watching, or looking to pick someone up. Later, another little kia pulls up, and meets with various 'friends' at the park around the corner from the red truck. I don't know if it's just the time of day i meet my friends to walk, or what, but this kia man starts looking for someone alone, and in the evenings when i've gone, he's hooked up in the wooded area after pretending to walk around the park. First, it's humid today. Not too hot, just very humid. Why jeans to walk around the park. Fully dressed like for work, and walking around? Now, the evenings, he's especially lively. Parks the car, begins to walk, still wearing jeans and a polo, and then - disappears into the bushes with some guy he's made contact with earlier. If those trees could talk, i'm sure they'd have stories a plenty. I wonder if they've seen mr. red truck drop his skivvies for anyone in there.

As for me, the trees in that park couldn't speak my name. Now, the swinging benches at another local park would be screaming about me! I have a thing for swings. Yes, swings. I've always wanted to have one mounted in my bedroom, and never got the chance. Maybe that would be too obvious, or maybe I haven't been the type of guy that would entertain that idea. Meeting in the park does have some allure, but to actually act on that, delicious idea!

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