new day, new leaf  

rm_ct_peachy 47F
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7/14/2006 10:40 am

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7/17/2006 4:20 am

new day, new leaf

This message is for the guy out there - he knows his name - who is in desperate need of what we ladies like to call -- the sista girl speech. This man, who was in my life for a long time, forgets that the ones that love you the most are the ones that notice when you are hurting. a new relationship won't help this man - therapy and drugs may. a new relationship won't do it, returning to your ex girlfriend won't do it, crying to your mother to bail yout out of problems as they come up won't do it either. For the men out there, please warn your sisters, daughters, and friends - when a man raises a hand to you, he'll only do it again. when a man makes a threat, he will only act on it when the time is right for him. when a man has his mother practically marrying the two of you off so she can give up responsibility of him - run in the other direction. Guys and girls, I took the time out after the relationship to actually reflect on what in the world i was thinking staying after the first insult. i can' come up with a solid answer, but what i do know for sure is that he has picked up something undesireable from his X girlfriend, and when he tried to bring that home to me - i left. If you want the name, write me!

in loving memory of this 'dead in my mind' man -

rm_nilsster 55M

7/15/2006 10:31 am

Yikes! Now why is it that it's always easier for other people to see what ought to be obvious to you, right from the start? I know the feeling, Peach, and I share the mourning.

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